Friday, December 3, 2010

My second pair of shoes in Japan another pair of Vans!

Not sure what the heck is going on here. May be it's the gingham I kept falling for? Actually, I took a chance with this pair on 2 counts, the color yellow and the sizing. I was iffy about getting yellow because the last pair of Vans in yellow gingham had this greenish tint when I went to check it out in person at the store. This pair the store didn't have, so I crossed my fingers and bought it from Amazon Japan.

Size wise, the last pair of Vans I bought was a size 23.5 Japan, which according to online sources it's comparable to a US 6. When I tried it on, it fits, but when I walk, every now and then my heels would fall out O.o So with this pair, I took a risk and went with size 23 Japan, half a size smaller. I was fretting whether I had made a stupid decision this is, well, a different pair of shoes after all and even though it's also Vans, sizing inconsistency within the same brand is unfortunately common.

This is a size 23 Japan, and if it's any consistent it should have been comparable to a US 5.5, but the flap actually says US 6!

And the fit? Umm...loose -.-' It actually feels even larger than the 23.5 and I could have gone half a size smaller! The strange thing is that upon lacing up, my feet felt comfortable instead of swimming in roomy shoes. I am guessing this is due to the more fitting toe area (my toes are thicker than most people?) and you can sort of see how the front of the shoes narrows a little bit. We'll see if this comfort keeps up with some wear. At least I'm pretty certain my heels won't be falling out with this pair!


Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment :) your vans are awesome.. i could never pull hem off since i have a petite frame. i noticed you're also living in Tokyo! yay!

D. said...

Hi Nic Nic!

Thank you, but who says I can pull them off any better? ^.^ I'm short too...haha!

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