Sunday, February 24, 2013

KenetMD Shampoo and Conditioner

Being in town I was called in to help out at a big conference my company hosted two weeks ago. Due to the early mornings and late nights, I ended up staying at the conference site because the commute to and from home would be too much of a pain. When I got to my hotel room, I was pleasantly surprised to find a trio of hair and body care products from a brand I've never heard of before - KenetMD. I don't know many skincare and cosmetic brands out there, but in my experience it's usually something more recognizable like L'Occitane, The Body Shop, etc. So despite having brought my own toiletries, I spent my whole stay using these up anyway. Can you tell the tubes pictured are all empty? ^.^

These are convenient TSA-friendly travel size of 1fl oz./30mL each of KenetMD Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Lotion (will be reviewed in a separate post).

KenetMD Hair and Body Care Travel Set, and Shampoo (left) and Conditioner (right).

- Shampoo: this shampoo was clear and scented with a citrusy verbena, more citrus than leafy, but all around pleasant. Despite listing sodium laureth sulfate second after water in its ingredients, it didn't foam very well at all. That said, in combination with the conditioner, they did leave my hair very soft, and only slightly oily, the next day. Not too bad, only I felt like I had to keep using more of it to clean my hair well. Between hubby and I (his classes are right down the street from the hotel, so he crashed with me the whole time), we used up the shampoo tube in, like, 3 days! So I don't know how I feel about the full size, and I couldn't find it on their website anyway...

- Conditioner: this was one of the lighter conditioners I've used. It was still pretty effective though, and in combination with the Shampoo above it kept my hair pretty soft. The thing is, it didn't work as well with other shampoos. It didn't turn my hair greasy or anything, but the softness thing was gone. I guess that means it was the shampoo that gave made my hair soft and not so much the conditioner.

Ingredients list for the Shampoo (left) and Conditioner (right).

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