Thursday, February 7, 2013

Herbacin Wuta Kamille Hand and Nail Balm

Love this Herbacin Wuta Kamille Hand and Nail Balm, even though I broke its dispenser tip (twisting the cap too hard) and had to leave it behind :( Picked these three 20mL travel sized hand creams  up at Taoyuan International Airport as I departed Taipei, knowing they're probably available here in the US (they are). Let's see, I wanted something to remember Taipei with (Herbacin is German...), had some leftover Taiwanese dollars to get rid of on impulse buys (while sweet hubby spent his last bucks buying me a jade charm, ha...), and I was bored out of my mind waiting for my flight and had to get lost inside an airport drugstore.

From left to right: Wuta Kamille and Glycerin Hand Creme (using now, will review soon), Wuta Kamille Soft Mild Hand Cream, and this Wuta Kamille (White Line) Hand and Nail Balm, 20mL each.

When I got home, I was eager to try this as I needed to apply hand cream constantly to keep my hands from getting chapped and my cuticles from getting cracked and ragged from the dry climate. I picked this one to use first out of the 3 based on its name Hand and Nail Balm. Well, bad choice, because it was not an intense balm or even a thick cream as its name led me to think! It was a light and thin lotion more suitable for the summer and was nowhere near adequate for the crazy dry climate where my folks are. If anything, it absorbed so quickly and clean, I would even say it's suitable for super humid weather like that of Taiwan!

All that is not to say I was disappointed with the product. I actually like it a lot! Despite being too light for the cold weather and dry climate, it was one of the nicer hand lotions I've used. I particularly liked the scent. It reminded me of a milder and less cliche version of CK One, totally unexpected coming from a drugstore tube of hand cream ^.^

So I wish I had bought more, at least a bigger bottle for use during the warmer months. I am looking for a bigger size of this here, but this is where it gets a bit confusing. According to Herbacin's US website, there's a Wuta Kamille White Line, which only has this Hand and Nail Balm and a Skincare Cream. There is also an Herbacin Kamille Green Line with more choices for lips, hands, body, and feet, and this Green Line too has a Hand and Nail Balm. Nothing wrong with that, only these 2 Hand and Nail Balms from supposedly 2 different lines have the exact ingredients. Yes, I compared them. I even compared them from the German version of the website and they are still identical! So short of buying another tube of Hand and Nail Balm from the Green Line, I actually don't know if these 2 are the same product in different lines and packaging. Is that even possible, to make 2 different hand creams with the exact same ingredients appearing in the same order?   

Anyway, the tube I had was not a Taiwanese localized product but a German imported product having the same ingredients as the ones sold here in the US.  


kuri said...

interesting! Dunno if it's relevant, but this Japanese site lists slightly different ingredients for all of the different lines:

white hand and nail cream:

green line hand cream (starts the same as the ingredient lists you show):

The soft line is again different from the above 2:

D. said...

Hi kuri,

Thanks for looking this up! Now I'm even more confused LOL!!! Could it be they've made a mistake on both the US and German websites? How can that be, right? Both of those lists of ingredients matched that of the Taiwan-bought tube too!

Anyway, if I happen to see the Green Line Hand and Nail Balm I guess I can pick it up just to compare :)


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