Saturday, February 4, 2017

Tofuku-ji, Kyoto, Kyoto, Part II

Continuing on with the other half of this vast Tofuku-ji in Kyoto, this time going beyond Tsuten-kyo (通天橋) to Kaizan-do (開山堂, founder's hall).

But first we wandered through this gorgeous garden.

Tsuten-kyo looking back at the Gaun-kyo (臥雲橋), the west entrance of the temple compound. It really is a compound. Huge!

Looking back at the hojo (方丈, head priest's living quarter) we were just at, with the 4 zen gardens.

Now moving farther along Tsuten-kyo towards Kaizan-do.

Too bad Kaizan-do too was closed to the public. At least we got to admire the zen garden there.

Yup, still doing that Murakami Haruki hand-to-face pose xD

Here's a prime example of "Kyo no ki daore" (京の着倒れ, dress until you drop in Kyo[to]). It was so hot then just watching these ladies prance around in their kimono was enough to give me heatstroke. 

Leaving Kaizan-do now.

Going back up to Tsuten-kyo to exit the temple.

See my previous Tofuku-ji, Kyoto, Kyoto post.

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