Saturday, February 18, 2017

Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick Part III

Long time no Clinique! Had this freebie Butter Shine Lipstick in Baby Baby for a long time now, so here's an quick and utterly overdue post for it.

These lipsticks had been discontinued for a while now, and I'm not too heartbroken about it. Yes, I really loved the formula and I raved about it when I first tried it, but I haven't indulged in more of them due to the color selection.

All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

After buying Ambrosia, I tried playing with the testers at Sephora and kept walking away empty-handed and disappointed. The other colors were dull, uninspiring, and generally unflattering on me. This is not to mention that the vast majority were loaded with shimmers, and most were rather opaque. Those that were translucent enough were like the color Baby Baby below, more like non-colors.

- Baby Baby: translucent nude with lots of shimmers. Due to the color itself and the translucency, the lipstick disappears on my lips, leaving behind only shimmers. Boo. Hiss :(

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Citrine said...

The only clinique product I remember having bought is...Wait nothing (i had some freebie lipstick from a friend). I got a free mini black honey gloss from Sephora and liked it for what it is (freebie). I guess I am so vain that I never gotten anything just because of their plain packaging. And I am not too thrilled about putting a "chubby stick" near my mouth lol.

I saw some blog posts for their oil lip and cheek Glow and I want to give that a try. Although I am sure it will make me look like a grease ball when I use it on top of my sunscreen.

D. said...

Hey Mina,

Haven't bought anything from Clinique recently. I used to buy lippies (their Almost Lipsticks were great, and I do like the Chubby Sticks ^.^) and some skincare but quickly got bored of them. I think they're trying to be creative with the lip oil and cheek glow, but neither really interest me. I think I must have grown out of the brand :/


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