Friday, December 7, 2007

EI Solutions SPF 15 Eye Shadow

Another somewhat lesser known brand EI Solutions, aka English Ideas. I have never heard of this brand before and still don't hear about it at all! My local department store just happened to have an EI counter, and although it's not there anymore, I did try 1 of their eye shadows. The shadow are not as finely milled, but it goes on silky and can be used wet or dry.

I bought the shade Chelsea: shimmer, low intensity, a pale sky blue that's a bit too cool for my warm tones. Nonetheless, I like the eye shadow and have since kept it!

Recently, it seems EI has revamped their packaging to look more premium. Instead of just black plastic packaging, they now are black and gold! Beware of their website though, it's a bit cranky. Perhaps it's discriminating against my Powerbook...Boo...

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