Sunday, February 10, 2008

Canmake Glow Twin Colors Part II

I finally got a hold of more of these since I really like the combo 02 Gold Pink Yuki-chan sent me last year.

- 03 Camel Pink: a combination of a very pale pink, shimmers, and a nude beige, shimmers, again both are very sheer. I was hoping to get another metallic shade like the gold in 02 Gold Pink, but both turned out to be shimmers. The pale pink has chunkier violet shimmers, versus very fine ones in the nude beige. Perhaps they meant for it to be metallic but wasn't quite successful? Anyway, the nude beige almost match my skin tone perfectly, so it disappears completely on my eyes, leaving just a glowy finish that makes you wonder if something's different but couldn't quite tell exactly what. Final verdict: I like the combo 02 Gold Pink better :S

See Canmake Glow Twin Colors Part I.


the Muse said...


I love canmake ;)

It's so cheap and cheesy! I'm not sure what I like more the cheap or the cheese!

The line is actually really good for such a low cost :)

I was so excited to read you liked these ;)

The glosses are awesome as well btw!

and the loose power blushes...and and...and...

Dalenna said...

Hey Muse!

Thanks for reading again! I do love Canmake. I have almost all their blushes, Glow Twin Duos, and Metallic Eyes. I also have glosses but haven't tried them :D Yep, I was very curious about them but wasn't sure if they were any good, that is, until I read that you like them :D Thanks! You made my collection a little more colorful!

P.S. You know, I actually don't give out my blog's URL, so how you found me a while back is still a mystery!

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