Friday, February 29, 2008

Red Lipsticks!

My favorite subject to write about - red! I LOVE that color! I don't often wear red, but I'm crazy for it! Red is a color I have to be in the mood to wear, otherwise it frightens, and at the same time, mesmerizes me. With my red lipsticks, however, I have never worn them full on red, however. I'm too timid, I guess. Generally, I just dab them on over lip balm or clear gloss. I do love staring at my red lipsticks and marvel at how red they are though :D

It is difficult for me to find a red lipstick that matches my warm skin tone. Granted, I haven't look that hard, but so far the ones I found all have hints of blue. Urgh. But, I did managed to find 3 so far that are just the most kick ass warm reds ever!!!

Lancome Color Design Lipstick in First Crush, all pictures taken indoor with flash unless otherwise noted.

- Lancome Color Design in First Crush: this is probably the most perfect yellow-based red lipstick ever! The texture is thin and airy, I would even say sheer, yet at the same time, it is crazily pigmented and if I apply just one layer on the lower lips and press my lips together to even out on both, I get a beautiful juicy red stain. Love this, but darn Lancome is going to discontinue it!! Why?!?

Swatch for First Crush. Picture taken in natural light without flash.

- Clinique Long Last Soft Shine in Red Red Red: the lighting at the time I took the picture was bad, so the lipstick doesn't look red or yellow-based in the picture, but it is. Love it!

- Esolis Lip Tint SPF 15 in Vivid Red: yet another beautiful red lipstick that was sadly discontinued :( See my Esolis Lip Tint SPF 15 post.


(g)ezebel said...

i looooove red lipstick..! i don't wear it very often, but when i do, my Hubby thinks it's so sexy. (and red lipstick is definitely siren sexy!!)

my lips have a yucky ruddy red pigmentation to them, so i hafta wear blue-based reds or brown-based reds.

Dalenna said...

Hi Gezebel!

Awww...that's sweet your hubby thinks it's cute. If I were to wear lipstick, my hubby probably wouldn't kiss me LOL He wouldn't even kiss me when I wear gloss :D hehe

Wow. At least your lips have pigmentation. My don't :( And when I put on blue-based red, they turn purple... :X

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