Monday, September 12, 2011

The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes

Update Monday, September 12, 2011.

I did a bunch of swatches over the weekend for some upcoming posts and thought I'd throw in the dry and wet swatches for this Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 12 too ^.^ Just look how much more intense the colors are when used wet! 

The Sunrise Pink (the powder pink with violet sheen) and Starlight Gold colors get a foiled effect, the lilac iridescent in the Sunset Berry color becomes much more pronounced, and woowee, watch out for that black! 

When use wet:
Sunrise Pink: metallic pearl, high intensity, loses its violet iridescent sheen but becomes opaque and gains a foiled effect.
Twilight Black: shimmer, [dangerously] high intensity, the shimmer particles becomes more visible and it would make a pretty sparkling black gel liner!
Sunset Berry: metallic pearl, high intensity, becomes almost duo-chrome as the lilac iridescent sheen gets much more pronounced.
Starlight Gold: metallic, high intensity, somewhat looses the pearl effect and becomes more metallic, also gaining a foiled effect. Also, it turns a cooler ashy gold too and not so much champagne anymore.

Wet swatches applied with a damp brush, picture taken in natural light without flash.

Original post Saturday, March 29, 2008.

I never ever paid much attention to The Body Shop, until one night at dinner with my SIL. She was wearing this gorgeous beige-cream eye shadow that was so metallic it looked like wet foil. I kept staring at it all night when we got to her pad, she pointed to her vanity, saying, "That's the stuff I used." It turned out to be The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes Palette 10, and while I'm still unsuccessful in locating this particular palette (it has been discontinued for a while), I've since collected The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes ^.^

Anyway, I really like how these Shimmer Cubes are packaged in a clear case with lids. And then each individual shimmer cube inside are also in their own little clear case with lid, so you could literally take them out and mix and match with the other palettes! Not only that, these Shimmer Cubes are baked, and they can be used dry, for sheerer application, or wet, for more intense colors. While I don't love every single color in each palette I own, the vast majority of them are beautiful metallics and more than compensate for the others. Also, each shimmer cube is a whopping 4 grams of product jam packed in its clear case and it lasts for freakin' ever!!! Well worth the price of $19.50, I'd say.

I used Palette 12 in my 03/29 FOTN. Color descriptions are for dry swatches, clockwise from top left:
- Sunrise Pink: metallic pearl, low intensity, a cool (looks warm, I know) powder pink with violet iridescent sheen.
- Twilight Black: shimmer, high intensity, a true black, makes an awesome liner shade!
- Sunset Berry: metallic pearl, medium intensity, not a berry color but a deep plum with reddish brown undertones and lilac iridescent sheen.
- Starlight Gold: metallic pearl, low intensity, goes on a champagne color even though it looks more gold in the pan. Love this color to highlight the inner corners of eyes and brow bones.

Dry swatches, picture taken in natural light without flash.


Askmewhats said...

hey hey Great blog you have here :) Stumbled here via Muse :D I've tried these body shop cubes and they are LOVELY and I just don't know how to finish them up :) But great product :) Nice review :D

Dalenna said...

Hi askmewhats!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog! And wow, all the way from Manila too! My first international visitor! Nice!

I'm glad you enjoyed my review :D I think I'm obsessed with these Shimmer Cubes and I just gotta have 'em all (except for the colors I don't like hehe)!! Do they have the same color combos over there? If they have different colors there I would LOVE to see what they come up with!!!

Elaine said...

hey! looks like you've got some good experience with this! i got the shimmer cube from a body shop sale last year for the fun of it. I honestly don't know how to use it since i'm not great with make up. (hardly use much really); but i'm trying to use more lately! so can you please suggest me some way that i can use up this product?

i've the palette 8~ maybe not the best combo; but ya would like to keep trying!

email me please?


Dalenna said...

Hi Elaine,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I don't have palette 8, so I can't offer any suggestions on how to use it without seeing the colors. Do you have a picture of the palette? In the mean time, you can go to the link below on and read the reviews on this specific palette# 8 as sometimes the reviewers would leave suggestions and tips.

I hope this helps!

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