Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shiseido The Makeup Multi-shade Enhancer

This Shiseido The Makeup Multi-Shade Enhancer is my first venture into Shiseido's international makeup line. Yes, I know, I really really need to get with the program. I've used a ton of other Shiseido stuff in addition to the Japan-only products like Pureness, SunCare, and I'm currently using the Benefiance Creamy Cleansing Foam, but I don't know why The Makeup hasn't had any draw on me! I don't find their products any special, and their packaging is kind of...ugly...

And then I got into this phase when I just love everything that was in stripe, patterns, gradations, and this Multi-Shade Enhancer matched the interest so I picked one up. It came in a round dome top compact that is dark brown with golden pink shimmers spilling across the lid. Inside, there is a mirror, and lifting that up you'll see a compartment for a flat rounded brush, much like the Maquillage ones.

So that means I can sort of expect the same quality as the Maquillage stuff, right? Sigh...sadly, no. The powder itself is rather hard and chalky and I was really dismayed when I first touched it. The only redeeming points are that it's unfragranced and doesn't produce much dust with a brush sweep.

The shade I have is Sunset Glow, consisting of 5 stripes of 5 different colors (from top to bottom):
- Burnt copper: medium intensity, subtle shimmers, looks more red in the picture but goes on a coppery orange.
- Bronzey brown: low intensity, matte, goes on with a bit of a yellow undertone
- Muted salmon pink: very sheer, matte, goes on more of a peachy pink
- Very pale peach: beyond sheer, almost translucent, subtle shimmers, matches my skin so well it disappears!
- Very pale fleshy pink: very sheer, subtle shimmers, a brightening color

When swirled together, I get a very natural color, a matte peachy nude cheeks that looks like I got just a touch of sun. The shimmers disappear and don't show at all! On a cloudy day, however, it has no effect whatsoever and I barely notice any color! I guess it's the sunlight that makes the powder work. But for $25 for just the refill, I think it's not worth it. It could be that I don't know how to use the powder too, so if you have any tips, please send a few my way :D


Anonymous said...

I actually LOVE this product.

What I do is use the lightest color on the top of my nose with a blending brush and the darker tan color on the sides of my nose.
Then I use a bronzing brush and swirl all the colors and tap off the excess - go around the top of my hairline, right under my jawline, and in the hollows of my cheek.
I use a blush brush and use the 2 lightest colors for the top of my cheek bones and temples.
When I have time I also use another brush to grab some of the pinkest shade and the darkest shade to add color on my face from the bottom of my cheek bones to my jawline.

I find that it adds the right amount of color and definition to my face without making it look dirty. It doesn't have too much shimmer so it looks natural and lasts all day.
I'm highly pleased with this product and I hope this helps you...

Anonymous said...

oh and btw i have it in Terra-Cotta Glow so its a bit different from yours

Dalenna said...

Hi anonymous!

Wow - Thank you SOOOOO much for the tips! I'll definitely try what you said and will update the post! It should be okay that the color is a bit different. Sunset Glow is just a tad lighter than Terra-cotta Glow, it should be okay, I think.

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I truly appreciate the advise!

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