Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stila Lip Glaze Part III

I'm taking my sweet ass time reviewing these Stila Lip Glaze, huh? :D I've got so many and I really want to spend a good few weeks with each before reviewing, that's why.

Another full size Lip Glaze I actually bought is Spiced Maple. To my surprise, it smells like gingerbread cookies instead of maple. The texture is very similar to the Peach Cobbler, thinner and less sticky, which I really love. The color is a deep brick red with a tiny touch of brown, and although it looks really potent in the picture, it actually goes on sheerer, translucent and not opaque.

That sounds like a winner and all, and I really like the sheerness and texture, just that the color itself gives me this Wall Street banker look that's really ambitious, determined, and just so. dead. serious! Not that there's anything wrong with Wall Street or bankers or ambition or determination or seriousness, but I just hate to look so...old. It's just not me. I'm in no hurry to grow up :P I've got my whole life to, so why rush? Anyways, that means this is another one of those layering gloss. Shucks.

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