Friday, April 10, 2009

The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask

Update April 10, 2009

As a turn of event, I used this Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask as a moisturizer for my neck and chest and what do you know, I really liked it! It was sort of greasy when used on my face but for my neck and upper chest, it made my skin baby soft! Since it was kind of away from my face, the rose scent wasn't as overwhelming and it didn't bother me as much. Oh, I put it in the refrigerator too, and the coolness made its light and bouncy cream texture (think fat-free yogurt) really refreshing. Now why didn't I think of that earlier?

Perhaps I will buy a full size after all...if there's a good promotion :D

Original post Monday, August 11, 2008

I've never even tempted to try The Body Shop skincare products, but since I was given a generous GWP of the Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask, I didn't hesitate. After all, I'm totally in a moisturizing/hydrating treatment mask craze right now!

***Picture from The Body Shop USA.

The instructions to this moisture mask sounds simple enough, apply a thin layer to clean face and let it sink in. Then either massage it all in or tissue it off. I've read reviews that most people would just use it as an intensive moisturizer, so I tried it out with my under eye area. Sounds crazy, huh? Most people would try things anywhere but their under eye area since that's the most sensitive area on the face! I guess I'm a bit...nutty, and perhaps not so smart at that moment...

My verdict is that I won't be purchasing the full size. It's an average product and is nothing more than a heavier moisturizer. It turned my under eye area a bit greasy, in fact, even though I did as the instruction says and applied with a light hand. Another thing I just couldn't stand is the heavy rose perfume. Bleargh. Nearly gave me a headache. Oh well, I'll just finish using the GWP for now and look forward to the better stuff out there.


Anonymous said...

Same with me, I'm not liking it either! There are better stuff out there. I'm testing Green People right now, it's great. Also, Apivita!! Have you tried their masks? They rock! It's a Greek brand so I don't know if you have it there, but have a look for it as it's one of a kind!

D. said...

Hi rocketqueen!

Sorry it didn't work for you either. I just can't stand the heavy rose perfume. blah... stuff to try!!! So exciting!

Which products have you tried and like from Green People and Apivita? Apivita is actually available in the US with an online website :D I'm soooo eyeing the Express Aqua Plus Face Mask with Cucumber!!! Thanks so much for the recommendations. I've never tried a Greek brand before!

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