Monday, April 20, 2009

Rose & Co Apothecary Extra Fancy Soap Lavender

I've been in a soap spree lately :D This is Rose & Co Apothecary Extra Fancy Soap in Lavender. I believe this soap is only available in 2 fragrances, Rose Petal and Lavender. My first intrigue for Rose & Co was from this blog post. At the time, I was already a few tins into the Rosebud Perfume Company's many salves, so my interest in other similar products was peaking. Looking around on Rose & Co's website, in addition to their salves I bought their soaps.

I used to dislike lavender when I was younger. Well, may be not strongly dislike, but I do not prefer it. I remember thinking, "What the heck are they talking about?" when I read over and over that lavender was soothing and calming, because at the time, I perceived lavender to be anything but. In fact, lavender used to be too strong for me and, depending on the brand and product, the scent would give me a headache. And then I got older, and may be, just may be, wiser (ha. ha. ha.), but I slowly learned to appreciate lavender. No, no, I haven't gone nuts and buy every lavender-scented thing out there, but I tend to deviate towards soaps scented with lavender.

The Lavender Extra Fancy Soaps from Rose & Co Apothecary smell wonderful! The scent is engulfing but not suffocating. I put just 2 soaps in the soap basket stored my linen closet and every time I open the closet door, it was as though I opened the door to a field of lavender (this has got to be a symptom of brainwashing from the Downy commercials!). The fragrance lingered in the air just long enough for me to get whiff of but dissipate before I get sick of smelling it and start waving the door :P

Other than the scent, these soaps threw me for a loop: although they crack after the first few days of use, which is a big huge red flag(!), so far they have yet to dry out my already-very-dry hands! And it's very dry inside my apartment still (hydrometer reads 30%, up only 10% from a couple of months ago), so it wasn't because the environment has somehow changed and gave these soaps some help. Isn't that odd or what? Remember when I declared that good soaps don't crack? That is because the soaps that tend to crack are harsh and stripping soaps. But then how can I explain these these Rose & Co soaps that are cracking all over the place but at the same time super duper gentle to my skin? They are quite a paradox, these Extra Fancy Soaps!

Whatever. I like them. A lot. Will definitely buy more as gifts. See how nicely they were wrapped?


Mukho said...

Hi Dalenna :)
I had a similar thing for a cucumber soap, dont remember what brand. Couldnt stop smelling it :)

Dalenna said...

Hi Mukho!

You know another soap I can't stop smelling? L'Occitane Shea Extra Gentle Soap Milk! It smells sooooo good, like a milky baby powder :D You should take a whiff if you see it!

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