Friday, May 1, 2009

KATE Loose Eye Shadow

After Victoria's Secret terribly disappointed me with their false claim of nonexistent "High Sparkle," I feel I must introduce their Beauty Rush Sparkling Shadow to its conqueror: VS, meet KATE Loose Eye Shadow. I hope you will be acquainted and learn to sparkle a little more from her.

Of course, I must be fair to at least acknowledge that sparkles are not something many non-Japanese eye shadows care for so much because, I suppose, their target market aren't really into sparkles in general. The Japanese made eye shadows, however, do some serious sparkling business, and I absolutely love what they do. There's a huge difference, literally, between sparkles and gawdy glitters, at least to me. There are my T'estimo eye shadows, which are extremely sparkly but at the same time silky smooth, blendable, not chunky, chalky, or over the top. I would wear eye shadows like that anytime, day or night. And then there are clumpy eye shadow with gawdy chunks of glitter. For the tweeny boppers, may be, but not for me. And admittedly, some people rock those looks, but not me. I'd get snickered at for trying too hard if I can even bring myself to try it to begin with.

So where in the spectrum of Sparkles vs. Glitters does Kate Loose Eye Shadow fall? Somewhere in the middle, but more towards the sparkles side. I am only reviewing the color GD-1 today.

- GD-1: metallic, completely translucent yellow gold sparkles. Imagine very finely milled metallic gold glitters, and that's what Kate Loose Eye Shadow GD-1 is. It is intensely sparkly but is a tad coarser than the usual silky smooth sparkly eye shadow. That said, the shadow is not thick and chunky at all and therefore can't really be called glitter, so that's why it's somewhere in the middle of the Sparkles vs. Glitters spectrum, leaning more towards Sparkles. Did I mention it is intensely sparkly? It is, and being completely translucent, press this loose shadow on top of any eye shadow to warm it up and add instant gold diamond-like sparkles. Wow.


Mukho said...

I love sparkly make - up too :)
But I do feel a bit of a clown wearing it to work. Still, sometimes I can't resist the temptation, hehe :)

Dalenna said...

Hi Mukho!

LOL at least you're willing to put in the effort to put on makeup for work. Me? Nah. I'd rather sleep :P Too lazy!

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