Saturday, May 23, 2009

Somang Lavender Moisturizing Mask

Somang is Korean, but that's about all I know of the brand :) That makes the Lavender Moisturizing Mask is my first Somang product. Actually, I've been eyeing it for months now and never went through with the purchase. The reason being I've heard different opinions on using lavender directly on your facial skin. Some say it's good because lavender is healing, soothing, etc., and some say it's bad because lavender can be too harsh and can provoke a reaction, especially for those with sensitive skin, etc. Oh well, I figured I'll never know whether it's too harsh for my skin if I don't try it. Testing out stuff on my fragile facial skin is not a smart thing to do, but I was curious enough, and I don't have sensitive skin, so let's just hope for the best... +.+

First, a rant. Sorry. Had to get it out. I was kind of, okay fine, I was really ticked off by the packaging of this mask. It was HUGE, freakin' gigantic! Almost twice the size of your average sheet mask packaging. Yes, I know, there may be tangible values in bigger sizes, but there are definitely more aesthetic values in smaller things. To be blunt, I hate big anything so please don't super size my stuff. To make the matter worse, the mask inside was folded, so it actually took up, like, a third of the pack - what's the point here, folks? If you look closely at the picture, you'll see a faint raised figure of a standing rectangle in the middle of the package. Yeah, that's the actual mask.

Anyhow, Somang just doesn't stop. There was a plastic tray inside, in which the mask sat neatly folded. I think they were aiming to contain the essence serum, so that when you open the package it doesn't drip anywhere. The only problem is that this nice idea isn't at all practical (or realistic). You guessed it, the box of sheet masks is handled the way all boxes are handled: it is laid side up, down, here, there, everywhere. So when I opened the package, it wasn't just the sheet mask that was dripping, the whole tray was dripping!!! Grr...*smacks Somang, "Which idiot came up with that idea, huh?"*

Anyways, at least they got something right (phew!) and the mask itself was very nice. The 30% lavender essence was a bit frightening since I wasn't sure I was supposed to put lavender on my face to begin with, let alone so much of it. But it turned out to be a very soothing and calming experience, and my skin didn't react to the lavender content at all. The scent was nice, even though it was more of a spiced lavender fragrance that reminded me of some herbal medicine :D My skin was comfortable afterwards and I didn't need to apply extra moisturizer.


Citrine said...

I can't really tell how huge is the packaging but the pouch looks really cute.

I tried some lavender essence oil (like a drop or two at the most) on my face to calm the madness (redness/peeling)last year and it gave me a good amount of red bump...I don't get why they call it calming, the thing smells weird imo...

Dalenna said...

Hey Citrine!

Oh yeah, woops, I should have taken a picture of it next to something to compare the size! Oh well...

Yeah, I guess your skin is too sensitive for lavender. Use the lavender oil in your bath instead of your face. That might be better. I don't have sensitive skin, so I got lucky and the mask didn't react with me. So I guess I wouldn't recommend it because it's too risky.

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