Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter

During the dryer months (this is a rather late review, sorry...), I ran out of hand cream and had to dig through my linen closet for emergency stand-ins until I could go buy something else on the weekend. After much shuffling, I came across this brand new, unopened, and untouched little tub of The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter. I guess I had stashed it away since the discovery of the Oshima Tsubaki products several months back and totally forgot about it. Its lid said Body Butter, but hell, my hands are a part of my body, no?

So for the very first time, I opened it up and took a whiff and realized this stuff was seriously dangerous - as in, it smelled so delicious I wanted to eat it! The fragrance was like fresh but spiced up strawberry juice! It looked thick and firm if not stiff (think cold but spreadable butter - aha!), which was surprising since most creams would loose their texture and get all melty after a few many months in storage. With all that said, however, it was not after I dug my dry and velcro-like mitts into the thick cream that I was sold. Despite the thickness of the cream, as soon as I rubbed my hands together it melted into my palms and sank instantly into my skin. There was not the slightest feel of greasiness.

That weekend, I drove the usual 45 minutes to get the nearest Body Shop store and tested every body butter they have. Ultimately though, I learned that not all body butters were made equal. There were only a couple of body butters that had the same firm buttery texture like Strawberry one. The rest were more of like your average heavy cream - heavy and, well, greasy. If you have dry hands like mine, I definitely definitely recommend the Strawberry Body Butter. If you don't like the strawberry scent, then I would suggest coming into the store and try the other scents before buying as you may or may not like their texture and feel.


plue said...

I have this too!

It's a little too sweet for me at times, and a little too heavy :(

I don't have very dry skin, but this feels nice on very cold and dry nights :)

Have you tried their Moroccan Rose/ Cherry/ Pink Grapefruit/ Japanese Blossom/ Mango? Those are lovely too!

Dalenna said...

Hi plue!

Yes, it does smell very sweet and I have a sweet tooth so... :D

I have tested all the different scents and flavors they have at the store, and the Moroccan Rose, Cherry, and Mango doesn't have the same firm butter texture as the Strawberry.

I'm eyeing the lotion version of the Pink Grapefruit and Japanese Blossom :)

Cacaopack said...

hey Dalenna! =)

just to update you i have given the moisttfull toner and lotion a trial period and sadly, too rich for me... sob sob.

they are too sticky and heavy on me, the lotion just doesn't get absorbed and sank in for a long time. thats what i get for drifting away from SF, LOL. i am back to my fave lettuce & cucumber line.

it is a good thing i have yet to ebay that 15pcs sheet mask set we talked about =P

Citrine said...

Every time I stepped in the Body Shop, I get a migraine from the heavy scent the store have. (Or I can sniff the store 1/4 mile away...)

Maybe I should check this out...the packaging is really pretty. But I think I will need to buy a mask beforehand...

Dalenna said...

Hey Clarissa!

Awww really?!? Bummer!! I guess my skin is so dry that it does wonders for me. I'm sorry it's too sticky for you. Now you got me curious about SkinFood Lettuce & Cucumber. Is there an eye cream in this line?

Dalenna said...

Hi Citrine,

LOL I hear ya...When the Moroccan Rose collection came out, the moment I stepped into the store, I got a headache because they had just put the new collection samples out and boy, it was like I had gotten lost in a dizzying labyrinth of roses. May be a dream for some, but a total nightmare for me.

May be you can put one of those paper/cloth mask on before coming into the store, but you might scare the bejeezus out some folks, especially with this swine flu going around... haha

plue said...

Those are more watery and not as firm, which is better for those who don't have very dry skin :P Strawberry is a little too thick for me :(

their lotions are nice! Me like the Pink grapefruit ones! :D

Dalenna said...

Hi Plue!

Yeah, I have tried the Mango Body Butter and found that I had to slather it on like crazy since it was much thinner than the Strawberry. So yeah, I don't think I can afford to keep that up :X

Ooooohhh...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pink Grapefruit lotion! Because it's so thin and runny, it's perfect for the terribly hot and humid summer where I live! My hands are really dry, but because of the weather here, if I use something heavier my hands will get all sweaty and greasy, so the lotions are just the most perfect fix! I'll have to review the ones I have soon, actually!!!

plue said...

That's cool! :D

I shall be waiting! :D

I carry a small bottle of the Pink Grapefruit lotion around too as my hand lotion, air con is so drying for the skin!

Serves well as a great perk me up scent too!

Dalenna said...

Hi plue!

I looted the Body Shop store at my local mall today. They had a bunch of gift sets on sale, but there was not any Pink Grapefruit :( In the end though, I did make off with a couple of sets in my favorite Strawberry flavor, so it wasn't too disappointing :D I'll just have to stalk them until the next sale :D

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