Monday, July 13, 2009

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous and Sparkling Shadows Part II

More Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous and Sparkling Shadows since I have a ton of these and I haven't gone through all the colors yet.

- Miami Ice: metallic, low intensity. I actually like color and really I wish it had better staying power! It's a straightforward snowy white that's perfect for lining inner corner of eyes and as base for the upper lids. I absolutely hate the fact that it disappears after a few hours. Grr...

- Go Platinum: metallic, very sheer. A pretty smokey silver that's too sheer to use as liner, too translucent to use as crease color, and as the same time, too smokey to use as a highlighter. It works well as a gradation shade for smokey eyes, but that's about it.

- Jet Set: shimmer, medium intensity. A charcoal with silver shimmers that makes a good liner, being dark enough to define and at the same time light enough to blend. Now the problem is getting it to last longer and not fade. Sigh.

- Flashback: matte, high intensity. It's a very very pigmented jet black with purple iridescent shimmers as it's supposed to be the "Sparkling." Unfortunately none of the shimmers show at all the shadow goes on matte like crayon kohl!

- Clock wise, from top: Go Platinum, Flashback, Jet Set, Miami Ice

- Blutopia: metallic, medium intensity. A beautiful jade-like turquoise blue that reminds me very much of T'estimo Color Eyes GR-29, only a bit warmer even though GR-29 has tons of gold shimmers. I used Blutopia line the outer corner of my lower lids because the color really made my eyes pop this way. It's one of the first blue-green hues I could use comfortably because it complemented my warm skin tone. Again, I really really really wish it had better staying power. And now that I've tried this, I'm curious how T'estimo GR-29 would fare as a lower lid liner as well.

See my previous Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Luminous and Sparkling Shadows post.

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