Thursday, July 23, 2009

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine Part II

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush items have been on sale 3/$15 or 6/$20 for a while now (since May, I believe). Words are out that they are discontinuing the line and will replace it with something better, both in quality and packaging, which is why they are trying to get rid of the current selections. That's fine, in fact, I completely agree that the Beauty Rush line needs some major improvement, but that said, I really really hope they will leave the Soothing Lip Balms alone. I don't care how they rebrand, rename, or repackage the damn thing, but they better not touch the formulation because it's probably the one of the very few products that keeps me going back to VS again and again! Change those lip balms and they'll loose my patronage. Not kidding at all. I've even stocked up for the next few years. Serious necessity, that stuff.

Anyhoo, back to the topic. Several weeks into the sale, I looked around on the VS website and was so excited to discover the Beauty Rush Minty Lip Shine had several other colors in addition to just the original clear one. Although I started out with complete disappointment with this hybrid gloss-balm, I found myself keep reaching for it and after several months of use, it had completely won me over and I was thrilled to see VS had added different colors and flavors to the line up. At the time, I saw 5 color choices: Clear Shine (the original one), Vanillamint, Spearmint, Citrusmint, and Cinnamint. I'm totally not a Spearmint person (peppermint all the way!), and while Vanillamint sounded yummy, the lilac color was a bit off-putting for me because I didn't know how pigmented or opaque these would be...yet. So in the end, I made off with just Citrusmint and Cinnamint.

Let's just say I'm very glad I tried these Minty Lip Shines in different colors, because I've found myself yet another awesome hybrid gloss-balm lip product! Save for the sweet taste (urgh!) and the sparse shimmers (yes, both the Citrusmint and Cinnamint have useless sparse shimmers that aren't visible at all upon application, sigh), they are other wise clear with just a hint of juicy color, super glossy, super moisturizing with very good staying power. If you are a fan of thick gloss, the thinner consistency will take some getting used to, but once you're over that, they're very nice stuff.

- Citrusmint: translucent orange with sparse gold shimmers that are pretty much a no-show, precisely the case of Soothing Lip Balm in Pink Sugar. I like this flavor a lot. It's a minty but sugary sweet citrus scent that's quite yummy. And although it goes on with just a slight hint of orange, I suspect it can be used to warm up a cooler lipstick if applied on top. I haven't tried doing that yet though so this is pure speculation, of course.

- Cinnamint: this flavor is not my favorite, but it's not too bad. It is definitely a minty cinnamon, but the precise combination reminds me of cinnamon...toothpaste :D Every time I put this on I feel like I've slathered toothpaste all over my lips! It's definitely odd, but it's nothing so disgusting I can't stand using. Although a translucent warm red again with sparse no-show shimmers, it's a tad more pigmented than the Citrusmint, so it definitely gives the lips a splash of red.

Will I buy these again? May be not the Cinnamint. I'll finish using my tube, but I'm not going to knowingly subject myself to the thought of applying cinnamon toothpaste to my lips. As for the Citrusmint, I will definitely go back for these. In fact, I did :D I checked the VS website just yesterday and, oooohh, there were 2 new colors added - Berrymint (aka Strawberry Fizz) and Bubblemint (aka Pink)! Guess what went into my shopping cart :D This time, since I know these Minty Lip Shines are pretty much translucent, I bought the Vanillamint to try too! Still not a Spearmint person though :P Will definitely review the new colors after a fair trial.

From left to right: Clear Shine, Vanillamint, Spearmint, Citrusmint, Cinnamint, and newer additions Berrymint (Strawberry Fizz) and Bubblemint (Pink).

***Pictures from Victoria's Secret.

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Citrine said...

Those kind of sale has been going on for as long as I remember (Everytime I walked into Claire an associate told me "we are on a special promotion buy 2 get one free" and I would be like "Haven't the same sale went on for like...2 years?" ) so I doubt they are getting rid of the line...

I got two of those beauty rush lip balm last week when I got a coupon...I like the texture, but I wish they come in a tube instead since it's really greasy to be used by finger...(One of the jar pissed me off because I just couldn't open it unless I use the kitchen knife...every time I want to open the jar...)

D. said...

Hey Citrine!

Yeah, it does seem like those sales are going on forever :D Doesn't bother me a bit though. The more sale, the merrier :P

Oh, have you tried these Minty Lip Shine then?? They are a thinner version of the Soothing Lip Balms and they are in tubes instead of the tin jar. I agree, I don't like the jars because they're not as hygienic. I hate digging my fingers into the stuff every time...

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