Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lavshuca Cheek Color Select

I've had these Lavshuca Cheek Color Selects for a loooooong time but didn't quite get around to using them until now. The truth is that I had forgotten about them :( In fact, I kind of forgot about the entire Lavshuca brand! Being as fickle as I am, I don't really follow the current/seasonal collections/trends and whatnot. When rotating my makeup I mostly just pick whatever suits my fancy at the time. That means I can get totally distracted with some things (like L'Occitane earlier this year, or the current obsession with handmade soaps, for example!) and forget about everything else :X

That said, you will definitely see more Lavshuca items in the near future as I'm determined (erh...we'll see how long that'll last...) to carve out several posts for them. These Cheek Color Selects have been discontinued for a while now. Back then, I got mine from, but you can probably find them on Ebay. There were 4 colors available: PK-1, OR-1, RD-1, and BR-1 (or was it BE-1? It's been so long I don't remember +.+). I am only reviewing PK-1 and RD-1 today.

These blushes come in a pearly pink case with a raised "L" for "Lavshuca" logo. The compact has a mirror and a brush, which I don't use. Each blush has 5 different color stripes with the top 2 meant for highlighting. I usually just swirl them all together and don't really bother with picking up each individual colors. These blushes are fragrance free.

- PK-1: this whole blush might as well be a highlighter as it is so very sheer, even on me! With one layer, I get just a slight hint of fresh but cooler pink and that's about it and I assume you can layer for a brighter pink shade. I like my makeup sheer though :) Plus, the sheerness makes this blush very easy to use and you can't really mess it up since it's not that shimmery to begin with, despite the pictures.

From top to bottom:
- Very pale airy pink with shimmers
- Powder pink with shimmers
- Bow pink with shimmers
- Lilac with shimmers
- Bubblegum pink with very few shimmers, almost matte. It is definitely brighter and cooler in natural light than in the pictures.

- RD-1: this one is better pigmented than PK-1. It gives me flushed, but subdued, red cheeks. Very few blushes can actually achieve this so I love it! Again I don't use the top 2 stripes as highlighters and just swirl the whole thing together. I suppose if I concentrate my brush on the bottom 3 stripes, the blush would be even more pigmented.

From top to bottom:
- Warm fleshy pink with shimmer
- Pale peach with shimmers
- Unripe watermelon red with shimmers
- Pale lemony yellow with shimmers
- Muted tomato red with very few shimmers, almost matte.

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