Thursday, February 4, 2010

DHC Olive Virgin Oil

For the past few months, I've been using the tiny little Olive Virgin Oil from the DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set, so I thought it's about time I review it. Yes, the Olive Virgin Oil is pure extra virgin olive oil. Yes, it is meant for use as a facial moisturizer. And yes, I have been putting it on my face.

Wait, wait, before you conclude that I'm a total nutcase for rubbing oil on my face, you might want to check out my OCM - Oil Cleansing Method post first :) I used to be averse to the thought of putting oil on my face. Not anymore, thanks to OCM, which opened my mind up to try other oil-based skin care products, including this DHC Olive Virgin Oil.

The DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set includes (from left to right) travel sizes of Deep Cleansing Oil, Mild Lotion, Olive Virgin Oil, and Mild Soap.

This is what I do: right after I get out of the shower, when my face is still soaking wet, I take 1-2 drops of this oil, rub it to spread among my fingers, and then massage onto my wet face, including the eye area, until all the water on my face dries up. I only use this oil every 2 nights as a treatment for my dry skin, and I don't put on any moisturizer or eye cream afterward.

Anyway, so how did DHC Olive Virgin Oil fare? It is fantastic! It works pretty well, very moisturizing, not too greasy (I do try not to use too much), and it calms my skin on days when it's irritated. It even seems to help with occasional breakouts, believe it or not, and I don't wake up with oil slick t-zones.

So what's the problem? 1 fl oz. of this Olive Virgin Oil goes for $39. Yes, f*cking, absurd. For OCM, I used an organic grocery store bought extra virgin olive oil, and it worked wonderfully. As far as I'm concerned, there's really no difference between that store bought olive oil and this DHC one. Except for the price, that is. So as fantastic as this DHC Olive Virgin Oil, I will never ever buy it, unless it goes on sale for, like, 90% off. Yep, I would pay $3.90 for this DHC Olive Virgin Oil, all of its miniscule 1 fl oz., and not a penny more.

See my previous DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set post.


Citrine said...

Haha, at this very moment, I have my whole face covered with the oshima tsubaki oil,it's a pretty nice moisurizer actually...(the scent of olive oil kind of annoys me.)

Dalenna said...

Hi Citrine!

Oh know, I just realized I actually have never tried Oshima Tsubaki Oil on my face yet! Thanks!!! Will try this whenever I run out of the DHC oil :D

Phoebe Lai said...

I think the difference between cooking olive oil and dhc is the purity or how many times it has been filtered to make sure it doesn't clog the pores at all

D. said...

Hi Phoebe,

I'm sure DHC filtered the heck out of their Olive Virgin Oil, though I used store bought Extra Virgin Olive Oil on my face for a few years and never had any clogged pores either ^.^


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