Friday, January 16, 2009

DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set

I also bought this DHC Olive Essentials Travel Set specifically for my trip :) Actually, my trip was just an excuse for me to buy stuff, haven't you figured that out by now? :D And plus the set was being discontinued, so I got it for a ridiculous price LOL! That always helps, no?

The set came in a pearly translucent little travel bag that I'm using as a cosmetic bag instead.

It included convenient travel sizes for (form left to right) Deep Cleansing Oil, Mild Lotion, Olive Virgin Oil, and Mild Soap. I bought this set mainly for the Deep Cleansing Oil, so I haven't tried the others yet. Will review those later as I get to them.

The Deep Cleansing Oil, Mild Lotion, and the Olive Virgin Oil all came in nifty little pump bottles with caps, with the Olive Virgin Oil's bottle being glass and the other 2 plastic. The Mild Soap had its own casing too!

Naturally, the main attraction of the set to me was the packaging. If you ever use the full size Deep Cleansing Oil, you will know that pump bottle was not made for travel at all! It can be closed again after opening, but it does not have a cap, and it will leak. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to prevent it from leaking either. Trust me, I've tried. And getting cleansing oil all over your luggage is just a nasty case to clean up. So there, I'm perfectly justified in buying this set!

Look at the packaging, isn't it just the most perfect travel item? It's the right size, with a good pump that doesn't leak and a cap! The bottle looks small, but it holds enough cleansing oil to last me almost a month with almost daily use (because I skip DHC every 3rd night for OCM). It did well throughout my trip, and I was actually really glad I got it. I'd definitely recommend picking out a travel size from DHC Skincare (because this set is discontinued) for your trips if you use DHC Deep Cleansing Oil.

See my previous DHC Deep Cleansing Oil post.


Anonymous said...

hello! may i know how much did you purchase for the entire set?

Dalenna said...

Hi there, Anonymous!

I believe this set was discontinued, so I bought it on sale for $25. DHC now has an Olive Essentials Mini Set for $17.50, basically the same items, only a tiny bit smaller. See the new Mini set here:

I hope this helps.

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