Thursday, February 17, 2011

Steady August 2010

This is a backissue of Steady, for August 2010, which also featured a Natural Beauty Basic tote. If this sounds familiar to you, it's because Steady January 2011 issue also came with a Natural Beauty Basic tote ^.^

I really like the tote's gray nautical stripes and cotton rope handles, and from the reviews and pictures I've seen, it looks really well made!

The tote is made of soft but thick polyester canvas and measures 27.5(height) x 36.5(length) x 8(width) cm.

I especially like the cotton rope handles. I thought it would be very rough but was quite happy to learn it is nice and soft.

The ends are threaded through a ring hole then knotted, and you can tie and knot and readjust the length anyway you want.

The tote does not have any pockets outside or inside.

However, it is lined with white polyester fabric.

And just when I thought the tote is close to perfect, I found this snag, quite literally :( I'm sure I received a defective freebie, because the box it came in did not look like it had been opened and resealed. Other than this small problem, the tote is close to perfect, seriously. The stitching is perfectly even and clean else where. I can't exchange since it's a backissue, and surely I purchased more then 30 days ago so Amazon won't accept the return now. Oh well, I guess I'll keep it. Sh*t happens.

This issue actually has a second freebie in the form of a Rilakkuma sticker sheet. It's shown on the cover, of course, but being me I didn't bother looking very carefully before flipping through the pages and found it by surprise. It's a nice surprise :)

I like this issue a lot too, since it has pages and pages of hair cuts in different lengths! My hair is getting long and I've been contemplating on getting it cut.

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