Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sweet January 2011 (Picture heavy!)

This Sweet January 2011 issue looks rather tempting with the pretty Snidel 2-way tote. Still, I wavered a great deal given there are so many interesting magazines coming out with fabulous-looking freebies and I want to save up for the ones I really like. ...But I caved in the end ^.^ Seeing many people carry this bag on the street only made me so curious and curiosity never helps.

In addition to the Snidel 2-way tote, there is also a small leaflet attached featuring the DRWCYS 2011 Spring & Summer Collection on Rinka.

Well, I have no clue what DRWCYS is (what an odd brand name!) and didn't give a hoot for this :P But the Snidel 2-way tote turn out to be quite nice.

The 2-way tote bag is made of polyester and measures 26(height) x 30(length) x 13(width) cm. The polyester feels substantial, not too tough but not flimsy either. The stitchings look even and clean with no runs or loose threads anywhere.

I particularly like the impressionistic flower print on this tote. Very feminine and pretty but at the same time doesn't scream girly.

It has zipper closure.

And while there is no exterior pocket, there are 2 pockets inside. The tote is not lined.

Now the reason it's called a 2-way tote is that you can fold the zipper flap of the tote inwards to make a smaller tote.

This is what the tote looks like after the zipper flap is folded in, although doing this you would sort of loose the ease of using the 2 interior pockets since the flap would partially cover them up.

Picture of the model with tote.

I actually like this issue of Sweet a whole lot because it features all kinds of new spring fashion and pieces. And while I won't be running out and buying anything they recommend, it's fun to see certain things are put together.

Of course there's a celebrity fashion section, though I admit I don't find any of these "looks" appealing at all.

Spring trends, but these "trends" seem to make an appearance every spring if you ask me ^.^

Polka dots cardigans!


And the beige perforated booties (2nd from left) are cute too!

Ooohh...gingham ballet flats! Want!!!!

The magazine even has several pages dedicated to spring hair ^.^

There are also a few pages featuring Rina Carolina, an Italian-Japanese model who created quite a controversy after becoming a Popteen model at the age of 12. Yes, 12 O.O She's 13 in the photos below and will turn 14 July of this year. She's very cute, of course, and lanky and leggy. But holy macaroni and cheese, 12!!!

You can read more about Rina Carolina on this blog. I guess becoming a Popteen model at 12 is not as controversial as becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel at the age of 16 like Karolina Kurkova did.

Of course, with Valentine's Day coming very soon there are also several pages dedicated to chocolate!

A glimpse of Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection, on sale January 21.

Even more Valentine's Day sweets.


Citrine said...

Rinka looks so young in the almost seems like she is aging backward (if you just look at those magazine covers). O_o

Anyway, I think that kid is cute and I didn't see that much of a problem with that. I mean, those Johnny's juniors (some of the boys are cute but I though most of them are sissy/metro) have been around for so long and nobody complained about child cruelty about them.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Haha...I think it's not so much child cruelty but more along the lines of objectifying a child. Apparently when she "debut" Popteen printed a picture of her along with measurements, which definitely didn't help their cause or hers +.+'

Same problem with those Johnny Juniors' boys, the only difference here is that no one posts their *measurements,* with the exception of heights and weights...

Citrine said...

Oh, it never occurs to me that it's about objectification (when I saw that word I am imagining otaku reading girly magazines...)and it seems to me that its' pretty common to see really young girls acting sexy/slutty in Japan so I thought they are all used to it, maybe I am just way too insensitive.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

Yes it's common, though I doubt it's as accepted as it seems. There still are lots of complaints about school girls hiking up their skirts and I must admit some of those skirts are scandalously short.

Of course people have the rights to dress however they please and I'm not one to judge. All I can say is that it can get very uncomfortable standing in close quarters going up the escalators... -.-'

Citrine said...

Oops...I totally didn't mean anygirl (I am scatter-brained), I meant girls in the show biz in general, I mean if all the minors from akb48 can dance around in bikinis, why can't the kid model (she is really cute, I like her better than Kumiki...)in normal clothing...

Anyway, I do think Japanese school girls have way too short of skirts...I almost feel cold for them.

D. said...

goodness I still can't wrap my head around akb48. with that many members they ought to be call a dance, make that a circus.

and lol, you're almost feeling cold? i'm COLD!!! some smarter ones put their sweatpants over or wear a longer coat, but most don't even wear like leggings or anything! i think my hands just froze thinking about their freezing legs. brrr...

Anonymous said...

thinking of getting this bag. it looks really cute. hope u dont mind me asking u alot of ?'s on this bag.
- do you think it is like a canvas material? i know you mentioned it was a substantial material that isnt flimsy.
-do still like it now or are using it? think it is worth US$20 (most ppl sell it for this price)?
- do you have measuremts. of bag expanded?

thanks...i appreciate ur help. i'm wanting a cute floral purse that isnt so big, and this seems to fit. i dont seem to care for vera bradley bags (looks too fussy) and cath kidston is too pricey. LOL

D. said...

Hi anonymous,

sorry for the longwinded answer.

- the material is polyester, not cotton canvas. although it doesn't feel flimsy, it really depends on how you plan to use this bag. the women here use it as a "sidekick" in addition to their handbags, for umbrellas, book/magazine, bottle of water, snacks, etc. it's a light bag for the grocery trips, because they'll be carrying heavy groceries and therefore don't lug their weighty handbags with them to the grocery store. i agree with their wisdom.
- i do like the bag, but i'm not using it currently. it's been stowed away so i can't take it out to measure it expanded. sorry!
- my honest answer is that it's *not* worth US$20 because it's not cotton canvas and you don't know whether you can machine wash it for reuse.

if you're willing to pay US$20 for a floral canvas tote, i'd recommend tracking down these mooks instead:
- Cath Kidston cotton canvas tote pair (2 of them!), though the canvas material is thinner:
- Laura Ashley cotton canvas tote (seems a bit large though) & pouch set:
- Redoute canvas tote (again, seems large):

or hold out for these upcoming releases.
- Wedgwood from Glow August 2011 issue, canvas tote (probably the right size you're looking for):
- L'est Rose purse & pouch set from Steady August 2011 issue (purse seems a bit small though lol!):

i'll be reviewing the above Wedgwood and L'est Rose too once i get all caught up with June and July issues. check back in a few months if you're still curious.

i hope this helps. feel free to ask if you have more questions.


Anonymous said...

thank you sooooo very much D. for going above and beyond in answering me. <3 <3 So appreciate it much! one seller said it was canvas so i got so excited but knowing his english wasnt great, i kind of doubted. :D

those upcoming bags are so pretty, girly and calling out my name. (lol, i know u arent so crazy about overly girly print). ;) thank u for the recs...ah so tempting. cant wait to see what you think.

one of the things i miss about being in UK are the GWPs. Wish we had them in US, but one thing i notice is that the US magazines are much more informative to read than UK (too many ads and useless articles).

I am enjoying your blog and a tad jealous of the interesting stuff and foods you get to experience there in Japan. ;D How long you planning on staying in JP if you dont mind me asking, or how long have you been there?

oh i also notice you like gingham and polka dots. do you like stripes? i actually own these shoes and love them (lightweight, comfy, well made):
Months ago, the site sold same shoe in polka dots but that must have sold out?

thanks again, D. for your help. i too sign my posts with 'D' cause my first name too! :D take care!


D. said...

Nice to meet you d. ^.^

you are very welcome. i'm glad to be of help!

yes i wish we had magazine GWPs in the US too. they do give out a one time GWP with subscription, but those are usually PoS haha

thanks for reading my blog! i've only been here since last August, but i've lived here for a year back in '05-06, and i'll be here through 2012 at least. if you ever travel to Tokyo, send me a quick hello :)

ooohh i LOVE gingham and polka dots!!! thanks for shoes link! i will now stalk these guys until they bring back those polka dots for the Beacon shoes. for now i'm eyeing the Black stripes xD are these true to size?


Anonymous said...

hi D.

oh yes, i think the shoes are pretty true to size. i am a size 7 but can wear 7.5 if the shoe isnt wide enough.....but i do not have freakish wide feet. LOL it really depends on the shoe. for example if shoe is strappy, i end up getting 7.5. so, sorry for long story.
really nice and comfy shoes. i think u should also wait if price goes down too. i found a sale link but sizes are very limited:
i got mine in navy blue stripes for less than $15 shipped...probably best shoe buy i had for a long time. if u want, i will take some pics so u can see better view and link them up in the next few days (too lazy now). i know this site is for the 'mature' woman but they have some really cute shoes. LOL i found few shoes u might like:
-stars canvas flat:
-checked canvas flat w/bow:
-i want but holding off for now: looks like candy.

i'm sure u have better luck finding CUTER shoes in jp though. :D

wow, you have been in JP for awhile. i was wondering b/c u know the names of celebrities there, etc. :) u must be used to the lifestyle/culture by now. even though i lived in UK for one yr, i still wanted to go back home to US. LOL my bro's friend taught there and ended up living there in rural JP. he must have liked it alot. ;)

thank u much for your sweet offer to meet up! <3 i wish i can go to JP....what a dream. dont think i will be heading to asia anytime soon even though my parents want me to go to the Phil. with them. sigh....hate going there b/c i hate being interrogated and criticized by relatives there. "oh u gained weight....." arrrgh. :( i know i sound vain but i am *very* sensitive. LOL.

ok, talk way too much. :D u take care! send my regards to your family! :D


D. said...

hi d. :)

oooh they do have cute shoes! i'm staring at these lace-up boots, totally foxy -

about the Beacon shoes, are they narrow? does the material stretch after some wear? i'm asking because the Black stripes only have a 6.5 left and i normally wear a 6 xD

oh yes, there are endless of cute shoes in JP, but they're all waaaay overpriced and are, well, made in China. i've nothing against China, but if i'm buying the same stuff, why pay 3x the price? so i'd much rather buy shoes from the good ol' US of A.

thanks for the regards. please send mine to your family as well :)


Anonymous said...

hello D.

LOL! you and ankle boots! :) that is a cute pair! wish i can pull ankle boots off. :(

as for the striped beacon wedges: i dont think it is narrow because i have somewhat wide feet and i can wear a 7 w/these--i fluctuate 7-7.5 depending on width. However on my feet, it does look narrow (perhaps due to the stripes and narrow toes area?). For sure it can stretch with time b/c it is a cotton material (good heavy quality but not canvas-y heavy, if you get what i mean). if u give it a wash, it does shrink temporarily....

it's a hard call with the 6.5...yikes! My honest opinion: if u have wide feet, go for it. if your feet is narrow, dont buy. Also if most 6 shoe sizes always fits u at least 80% of time, i dont think Beacon 6.5 will work.
i have an idea...if u know a relative who wears a 6-6.5, buy it. cause if it doesnt work out for u after u try it on once, u can gift it to her. <3 <3 :D

agree with u with made-in-china stuffs. dont get me started on that. >_< i didnt realize it was prominent there in JP as well. :(


D. said...

Hi d.!

Thanks a bunch! I think I'll take your advice to give it a try and then give it away if it's too big for me :) can't wait to see them shoes in person!


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