Thursday, September 15, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liner

I got this full size Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liner as a GWP a while back from Sephora when it first came out. At the time I was taken with Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colours and this Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liner got sidelined, but it quickly became, and still is, quite popular. Now that I'm back in my liquid/gel/cream eyeshadows craze, I can totally see why people have the hots for it! I've only been playing around with mine, but I can tell it's quality stuff! What took me so long to jump on these? Hmm...

All pictures are taken indoor with flash.

I think what I like most about this Creaseless Cream Shadow is that it's rather thin and super easy to blend but at the same time very buildable. When spread thin, it's a completely translucent wash and would probably make a wonderful sheer base for other eyeshadows. That said, couple of layers later and it's a decently pigmented shadow, though I probably won't be layering mine. I prefer using liquid/gel/cream shadows as sheer base. I have very oily lids, and I've found that powder on top of liquid/gel/cream eyeshadows is the best layering combination that will set my eye makeup extremely well and keep it there all day. I've experienced occasional creasing with powder-powder and cream-cream, but never cream-powder. Now I'm not commenting on the creaselessness of this Creaseless Cream Shadow per se, just in general. I've only played with my jar and haven't really worn it outside all day, so it hasn't really met my test of persevering in heat and humidity yet.

Anyway, the lighter colors will make nice highlighters for the inner corners of the eye, or even to line the lower lash lines, but the darkest shades may need to be layered in order to gain opaqueness as liners. Also, one thing I really dislike about this Creaseless Cream Shadow is the packaging. As I've mentioned in my Lavshuca Eye Jelly post, the glass jar is nice and sturdy, but I hate exposing the entire surface of the eye shadow to air. It's not like I will swipe my brush across the whole thing every time, so while I dip my brush and keep one tiny spot nice and moist, the rest of the surface will eventually get dried up with time.

The color I have is Bunny Hop, which I can't find online anymore so it must have been discontinued.

Bunny Hop: semi metallic pearl, low intensity, looks rosy pink in the pot but turns a peachy pink on me with a blue iridescent sheen. The idea sounds nice, but I find the peachy pink and blue contrast a bit awkward. It would have been nicer if that iridescent sheen is gold, pink, violet, or even purple, but blue is too harsh for the warm peachy pink in my opinion. 

Anyway, since playing with Bunny Hop I've gone online and bought more colors, which I will post a preview of when I have them in hands.
- RSVP, which is supposed to be a sparkling champagne although in all the pictures I've seen it looks pink gold to me :P
- Sippin' n Dippin', which is supposed to be an orangey peach that I'm hoping will look something along the lines of Visee Aqua Shining Eyes PK-801.
- My Date's My Brother, which is supposed to be a sparkling pink that I'm hoping will look something similar to Visee Aqua Shining Eyes PK-800. I'm looking for dupes of those 2 Visee colors because I love them ^.^


Julia said...

I just read about those on a German blog yesterday - and many people commented on how they dry up on them within a few months.

D. said...

Hi Julia!

Gah I knew it!!! Urgh, hate gel/cream shadows in a pot! Sigh...let's hope the ones I just bought haven't dried up T.T

Thanks for telling me though :) Good to know so I'll take care and keep their cap closed tight when not in use.


Julia said...

They said they had kept the cap closed...
My Maquillage Dual Glow Shadow is still perfect after more than a year.

D. said...

Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed for the ones I just bought then >.< dammit!!!

Julia said...

Crossing my fingers for you!

D. said...

Thanks ^.^ I'll be sure to put up a preview post when I get them :)


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