Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Visee Aqua Shining Eyes

Also among the liquid/gel/cream eye shadows bunch I dug out are these Visee Aqua Shining Eyes. I've also had these for a while now but as you can see, they are still sealed and I haven't touched them at all! These have also been discontinued, and while it's too bad I didn't get more darker colors when they were still available, I think I have a good selection to play with.

These turn out to be not as fantastic as I had hope they would be, but I do admit it's really unfair for me to say so now, especially because I had forgotten about them for so long and didn't use them right away a couple of years back when they were still fresh and probably would have performed much much better than they do now. I guess that's the saddest thing with my weakness to pretty makeup - there are so many beautiful makeup out there, and even if I only buy what I intend to use, some things still ended up forgotten and buried in the cabinet. To make things worse that is that I tend to use a set of items for a long period of time, several months on end as I only put on makeup a couple of times a week, and thus simply can't get around to using all the stuff I bought. Then again, if I rotate my set after using only a few times, I won't have much to say about them in my reviews. My opinions form rather slowly after a good long trial, and also I hate rushing through things.

But I digress. These Visee Aqua Shining Eyes are also liquid eye shadows, though they feel more like emulsions, being thicker than the Canmake Liquid Shadow & Base. These don't have any cooling sensation going on, and they feel thicker too upon application. So far I haven't experience creasing with these even when they are worn on their own. The down side is that there are a couple of colors that can appear rather flat, but again this may very well be due to the fact that they are old :(

BE-301: a sheer warm nude beige with multi-colored shimmers. It's so close to a skin color and is just a shade or two darker than the skin on the back of my hand! Unfortunately this color goes totally flat on me, which is really too bad because it would have made an excellent wash otherwise. I have been layering other shadows on top of it though, and it does a good job of enhancing those colors.

- GY-003: the tube is a purplish steel color, but the eye shadow itself turns out to be more of a steely purple with multi-color shimmer. It's also sheerer than expected, and unfortunately also come off flat on me. Now I'm really regretting not using these earlier T.T

The lighting make the BE-301 swatch blends right into my skin!

- PK-800: Out of the 6 Aqua Shining Eyes I own, I really love 3 colors and this is one of them! It's a pretty metallic cool petal pink that's not too sheer but not opaque either, and it's very sparkly, which I lurrrv.

- PK-801: another one of my favorite colors in this bunch, a gorgeous metallic golden orange that's also super sparkly! On the applicator I expected it to swatch like Canmake Metallic Eyes #11 - Summer Orange, but it goes on like a metallic version of Maquillage Eye Color BE263 with super charged golden sparkles, which thrills me to death, especially since I love BE-263 itself! Like the PK-800, it's not too sheer and absolutely not opaque, makes a beautiful wash!

I wish BE-301 and GY-003 would come to life on me like the pinks do!

- PU-100: my 3rd favorite! This color looks totally innocent on the wand, but it goes on a beautiful and sparkly lavender with just a touch of periwinkle. The finish is just like the pinks above, not too sheer but no opaque. Like Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colour in Mercury, I use this as base for a bunch of other eye shadows! I'm not sure why I love purple bases but I found them to work quite well with most colors!

- WT-001: A snowy white. As soon as I swatched this color, I literally wondered out loud, what the hell?!? On the wand it looks translucent, if not sheer, but the swatch was totally opaque and frosty! To make matter worse, it is much more pigmented than the other 5 colors! I tried to blend it out as much as possible thinking I had applied too much (hence a bigger swatch than the other colors), but nope, it was still opaque and frosty. Urgh. Needless to say, I haven't reached for this color as much, and when I did, I used it very sparingly to highlight the inner corners of my eyes.

Look how much more pigmented and opaque the WT-001 is in comparison to the rest!

This shot makes the BE-301 and Gy-003 come to life a little, just a little, which gives me hope that in certain lighting, they didn't look as flat on me as I thought they did.

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