Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cow Brand Milky Body Soap

I ran out of body soap a while back and came across a random section of Cow Brand Milky Body Soap at my local drug store and thought, hmm...Cow Brand Milky Body Soap, sounds more like a dairy product than soap but hell, I'll try it. Well, one whole bottle later, I googled Cow Brand and bought a couple other things too ^.^

This Milky Body Soap comes in 3 fragrances: Mild Flower, Fresh Citrus, and Fresh Soap. I have the Fresh Soap, and I have to say it's a better body wash than the Kracie Naive line and I've tried 3 different Naive body washes in Peach, Grapefruit, and Aloe! Being a Japanese made body wash it's still pretty runny, but at least its thickness is better than the Naive line, I would say somewhere in between the Naive line and Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash. It does foam a lot, but it actually feels like a creamy wash, not just a...erh...foamy one. The Fresh Soap scent doesn't really smell like soap in my opinion. Rather, it's more like a milky lotion scent with a splash of fruit, a nice scent over all.

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of my bottle, so it's just stock pictures from Cow Brand's website for this post.

Fresh Soap scent

Mild Flower scent

Fresh Citrus scent

Anyway, when my sister was here, we went gift shopping for her friends at home and she pointed out a particular brand of green tea soap she had given to a friend on a visit a couple of years back. This same friend came back asking to know where she can buy more of that green tea soap because that one bar had cleared out her husband's bacne and clogged pores on the back of his triceps! My local grocery happened to carry this exact brand my sister had bought for her friend, and turns out it was Cow Brand's Shizengo Gokochi line!

Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprise and went on to Cow Brand's website to see what else they have. The Cow Brand Shizen Gokochi line only has 2 items, the Cha Sekken Tea Soap and the Sumi Sekken Charcoal Soap. They both were available on Amazon Japan for about 200yen cheaper (about 550yen/bar, $7) than my local grocery (about 750yen/bar, $9.75). Yes, they're expensive stuff, but apparently they're good stuff! They are facial cleansing bars, so using them in the shower seems a bit of a waste, but hey, clearing up bacne and clogged pores on the arms are rather big feats so I guess it's worth it for some people.

Shizen Gokochi Cha Sekken

Shizen Gokochi Sumi Sekken

My sister ended up buying another 4 bars of Cow Brand Cha Sekken from Amazon Japan, which arrived 2 days later (looove the super sonic shipping!), giving her plenty of time to pack. I was tempted to pick up a bar or two for hubby and me but refrained since I had already bought a set of 3 Pelican Deitanseki Clay & Charcoal Facial Cleansing Bars and are still using those. I'll be in Japan for a while anyway and there's no need to rush ^.^

That said, I stumbled upon a different soap, the Komenuka Rice Bran Soap, also from Cow Brand, at a different drug store near the Yokohama Station. It was in a set of 3 for about 150yen cheaper than the retail price of 450yen/3-pack so I snatched it up for use when I finish the Deitanseki Clay and Charcoal bar, which will not be for a while...

Komenuka Rice Bran Soap
***All pictures from Cow Brand.


kuri said...

ooh, nice!
I'm going to go try the Cha Sekken soap next, once I use up the stash of soaps at home...

D. said...

Hi kuri!

I have a stash at home too...though that never stopped me from buying more haha xD Hubby calls me a [soap] pack rat ^.^


kuri said...

Heh, it's easy to accumulate a stash. At least it's faster to go through soap with 2 people :)
But I'm moving soon, so I'm trying not to add to the existing clutter.

D. said...

I see. I guess it's true that hubby helps a lot with the soap stash ^.^

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