Monday, March 16, 2009

Naive Aloe Body Wash

I've seen the Naive brand from Kracie (ex-Kanebo, the older packaging will say Kanebo, and the newer packaging will say Kracie) since my days in Japan but was never curious enough to try. I was using Dove Aloe Body Wash at the time, (not the American Dove, the Japanese Dove) and the Aloe scent smelled so amazing nothing could tempt me away from it. I did have a tiny little rounded container of the Naive Peach Hand Cream, and that was it for my Naive experience. Now I really wish I had tried everything (okay, may be not everything, but close) in that darn drug store because Japanese-made anything is just so expensive here!

So you know where I'm going with this, right? Of course, when I spotted the Naive Aloe Body Wash in a set, which includes the 650 mL pump bottle, a 450 mL refill bag, plus samples of Naive Shampoo and Conditioner, for only $9, I immediately snatched 2 sets to try. They had the Grapefruit scent in the same set, which I also bought but will review later. If you are interested in trying these, I really recommend checking out your local Asian stores first as they might have these for much cheaper than online. Be especially keen for the sets, which are almost always super nice deals! For this Naive Aloe Body Wash, the 650 mL bottle by itself is usually $9.50 at least!

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My first impression of this body wash is...foamy. Yep, the stuff is runny, extremely light, and very foamy, so totally completely typical of a Japanese body wash (my beloved Dove Aloe Body Wash was like this too). It's hot and humid over there, can you blame them? I guess I'm so used to using the thick, heavier and much less foamy American-made body washes, which is better in the dry and harsh winter. Now that it is getting warmer, I just can't stand the thick film of grease these body washes leave behind on my skin, so I opted for something lighter, and this Naive Aloe Body Wash fits the bill perfectly.

Scent wise, it smells like generic soap. Nothing aloe-y about it, unlike my Dove Aloe Body Wash (I told you I was obsessed with it!), but generic soap is fine by me :D Hubby didn't like the smell at first, but then he likes the bubbles factor so much he got over his dislike of the scent. Oh yes, one pump and you'll get a very bubbly wash from head to toe. It rinses off completely clean by the way, so if you use too much of the stuff it might dry out your skin. Now I'm totally curious to try all the other scents! Why, to see if they all smell like generic soap, of course. Ha, just kidding!


Citrine said...

I have tried the facial wash from this line...(aloe and green tea) and from my living memory, "soapy" was the dominant scent they have...And I remember I've used the peach one (OK, when I was in 2nd grade) it smelled nice if I just sniff the package but it was soapy when I used it...

I wanted to give those a try (still haven't made up my mind about what to buy in truerenu)but the retail price threw me off a bit...since I got those in Hong Kong for around 40% of what's listed on the website...

Dalenna said...

Hey Citrine!

You know what else I'm dying to try from this line? The Deep Cleansing Oil! It's supposedly very nice and much cheaper than, say, DHC.

Actually, before you buy any Naive body washes from TrueRenu, I would suggest checking your local Asian groceries first, unless you don't live near any. Because they usually carry sets, which are really really good deals, half price or less!

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