Tuesday, March 3, 2009

SkinLite Aloe Essence Mask

More SkinLite sheet masks! My illogic just don't quit, does it? :P

But to my surprise, this Aloe Essence Mask was actually very nice and hydrating! Wow, a SkitLite sheet mask that works for once. Oops, did I just say that out loud? :P I left it on for about 15-20 minutes and my skin was nice and soft and feels very plumb. So I guess that means it did deliver the hydration it promised! I'm totally curious about the wash-off version of this mask now :D

It smells nice, nothing like you would expect an "aloe" product to smell like (you know how they all have this "aloe-y" scent?), but it's not bad. I can't even describe the scent, it just smells fresh. I put this in my fridge and applying it chilled was an awesome experience. So cool and refreshing. Ahh... I'll definitely do this again on a hot summer day!


Anonymous said...

I just used this mask and it's amazing. Do you know where can you buy this brand in the US?

D. said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm glad you like this mask. I like it a lot too! :)

I think it is not available in the US, although I can be wrong. I get mine from www.sasa.com, for $1.50 a piece. Sasa is located in HongKong but does ship to the US for a $6 flat fee or free for $75 orders.

Try this link:

It looks like the Aloe sheet mask is currently out of stock although they do have the wash-off version, which I would also like to try.

Have fun!

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