Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring FOTN

-GASP!- I am wearing blue eye shadows!!! Although for some reason the colors doesn't really show up in the pictures. May be it's the quality of the smaller ones I uploaded of something...But I promise I'm wearing blue. Urgh, hate my hair though. I just washed them and they are pointing wherever they pleased. I swear my hair has a mind of its own.

Going out with 3 of my neighbors tonight to try a new Thai place. After a couple of years or so living in the same apartment complex, we made friends. Every month, we go out to dinner at an ethnic place to try new things. Erh...well, Thai food is hardly new, but whatever. Did I mention I LOVE Thai food? I do.

- Maikohan UV Compact Powder SPF 19+ PA++ (t-zone only)
- T'estimo Color Lighting EX-11
- T'estimo Color Cheek PK-17

- T'estimo Color Eyes BU-61, DB-13, GY-35 (will review all 3 soon)

- Lorac Mocktail Guava Tiki

It's soooooo hard to keep a straight face when hubby's like, "Okay, now look sexy!" Gah, quit making me laugh, darn it!

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