Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar Part II

Finally, I got around to try all the colors in my Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar! It has been many many months, long enough, right? Sorry!

From top down, left column first: Razberi Cosmo, Caffeini Martini, Sex on the Beach, Guava Tiki, Tropical Dream, and Lava Flow.

Let's just say the entire right column contains all my favorites, plus Sex on the Beach at the bottom of the left column. That's 4 out of 6, not too bad at all! For the reviews of Razberi Cosmo and Sex on the Beach, see my previous Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar post.

Caffeini Martini: Woh, this one is just like Razberi Cosmo, waaaay too pigmented and opaque! Out of the 6 glosses in this set, these 2 are more like liquid lipsticks than glosses. The Caffeini Martini smells really nice just like coffee, but the color I absolutely cannot wear, and not just because it is too pigmented for my taste. I know in the picture it looks like a rosy bronze, but on my lips it looks like a bronzy coffee. Urgh. Definitely not for me.

Guava Tiki: Now this is more like it! Guava Tiki applies as delicious as it smells - a lovely translucent guava (just like its name!) with coral undertone. It's like a brighter, more moisturizing, smoother, and less sticky version of Stila Apricot Lip Glaze! It even smells like its Stila twin, with hints of guava. Guava-flavored Japanese bubble gum - that sounds yummy :D Given all the pros, I would say Guava Tiki beats Stila Apricot by a mile! If you like Stila Apricot, definitely give Lorac Guava Tiki Mocktail a try!

Tropical Dream: Another hit for me in this Mocktail Bar set. I really honestly thought this gloss would turn frosty on me, but it did not. It applies a gorgeous semi-metallic nude peach iridescent shimmers - so pretty! Another unintended effect this gloss has on me is plumping. Yes, my lips look really pouty and plump with this on, and it's not a plumping lip gloss at all! Oh well, doesn't hurt me :D Scent wise, it smells like...those chewable vitamins for kids, like a mix of berries and tropical fruit punch. Sounds odd, I know, but I don't mind the smell.

Lava Flow: Yet another hit for me in the lip gloss set, Lava Flow is a neon strawberry with hot pink chunky-almost-glittery shimmers. Sounds scary, huh? Don't worry, the gloss is actually quite nice! The shimmers are chunky but the gloss feels surprisingly smooth, and although Lava Flow is decently pigmented, it is translucent enough for me to use. I should point out that it layers beautifully on top of Guava Tiki or Tropical Dream, or any other innocently translucent gloss that needs a little sex appeal rather, seriously! I usually just apply Guava Tiki and Tropical Dream, then dab Lava Flow on my lower lip, just in the middle, for a luscious and super sexy effect! Absolutely love this gloss! Oh, and it smells like chocolate, which is not exactly my preference, but I like the gloss enough to put up with it.

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