Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar

After my positive experience with a GWP Lorac Mocktail in the flavor Sex on the Beach, I decided I wanted to try other flavors of this gloss. So I got myself a Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar that came out Winter 2007.

Lorac Mini Mocktail Bar is a set of 6 mini Lorac Mocktails with some very yummy looking colors (top down from right to left): Guava Tiki, Tropical Dream, Lava Flow, Razberi Cosmo, Caffeini Martini, and Sex on the Beach.

As you can see, it looks like the 3 on the left are darker colors that look more pigmented than the 3 on the right, which are lighter colors with much more shimmers and look a bit sheerer.

They all come in the soft squeeze tubes with brush applicators at the tip. And to be honest, I like this arrangement much better than the click pen style, i.e., Stila Lip Glaze, precisely because I can control how much product comes oozing out.

So far, I have only tried 2 flavors:
- Sex on the Beach: see my previous Lorac Mocktail post here.

- Razberi Cosmo: a muted reddish raspberry color (looks more red than berry in the picture though) with fine red shimmers. The red tone disappears on me though and the gloss goes on a pinky raspberry color instead. The scent is delicious, and I like the gloss but it is a tad too pigmented and opaque for my taste. The first time I tried it on, I blotted twice by pressing my lips on a sheet of tissue my lips and the color was still very vibrant! Only when I put it on with a very light hand and layered a sheer gloss over did it look less gawdy. Not my favorite Mocktail, I'm afraid.

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