Saturday, March 7, 2009

Etude House Orgel Light Eyes Part III

More Etude House Orgel Light Eyes! I have actually been using of these palettes for a while now but just didn't get around to review them.

All pictures taken indoor with flash.

03 - White Pink

05 - Aqua Blue

03 - White Pink: a very pretty pink trio, just in time for spring! Similar to trio #02 - Golden Yellow, #03 - White Pink has 2 duo chromatic shades and 1 metallic shade. And as with all the Orgel Light Eyes I've tried so far, all 3 colors show up true to their appearance in the pan. The only difference is this particular trio #03 - White Pink is more pigmented than both #01 - Silver Purple and #02 - Golden Yellow.

From top to bottom:
- White: metallic pearl, medium intensity, a true white with pink iridescent shine. This makes a very pretty highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes as it's semi pearly finish is not as harsh. But do be careful with how much you apply as it is pigmented.
- Princess pink: metallic pearl, medium intensity. I use this color in my crease with the white above during the day time for a bright and airy look (will post a true FOTD soon with this trio!).
- Rose pink: metallic, medium intensity, has somewhat a berry undertone. I use this color towards the outer edges of my lids at night.

05 - Aqua Blue: talking about spring - this trio is even more spring-y, but less pigmented, than combo #03 - White Pink! It is much cooler (as in cool vs. warm :P), of course, and as such it is also a bit tougher for me to wear. Yes, I am still warming up to blues and green, very, very, slowly. Anyhoo, this combo is a bit different than the others I've tried - 2 of the shades have pearly finishes, and the 3rd is duo-chromatic. Nonetheless, the colors in this combo also show up true to their appearance in the pan. Last but not least, the texture of the blue shadow is noticeably softer than the green and the white.

From top to bottom:
- Sea foam green: pearl, low intensity, no iridescent, just straight up pearly foam green. It's a lovely color, but it scares me to death!
- Pale green-tone white: metallic pearl, low intensity. I don't know if you can tell from the swatch, but this color has very obvious green iridescent shine that reminds me of seashells! Given my shyness to the sea foam green above, I "train" with this color instead :) And it actually doesn't look so bad on me, just that if I'm not careful, I will end up a bit washed out.
- Light denim: pearl, medium intensity, no iridescent. Can you imagine pearly denim? Very pretty, however, *D backs away very slowly...* :D

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Fifi said...

hi! these are some good swatches! thank you so much for these! =)

D. said...

Hi Fifi,

You're very welcome. Thank you for reading!

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