Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash

So the entire Dove brand is on sale at my local drugstore. Oh boy. I took a deep breath and backed away very slowly, but still made out with this small loot - a Dove Beauty Moisture Body Wash & Refill Set. Only 498yen's worth of damage, which is not any damage if you ask me ^.^

Normally, the Dove body wash in the pump bottle itself (550mL) is at least that price, and the refill (400mL) is at least another 3-400yen. So essentially I got the refill for free. Plus 4 samples, 1 each of Dove Deep Moisture Care Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment, and Leave-in Treatment. And a kiddie toy. Nice!

Sample packet with 4 samples inside.

1 each of Dove Deep Moisture Care Shampoo & Conditioner

1 each of Dove Deep Moisture Care Treatment (tube) & Leave-in Treatment (round pump bottle)

And a pink elephant toy to put onto the pump cap. It squeaks every time you pump for soap LOL!

When I was in Japan last, I have used Dove body wash before, but it was an older Cool Cucumber scent similar to the Aqua Moisture Cucumber Green Tea in the lineup. In fact, that particular Dove Body Wash was my favorite as the scent was heavenly. The texture was runny and thin, and it foamed like crazy, you know, all the features commonly seen in many other Japanese made body washes such as those from the Naive brand. When I came home, I grabbed the first Dove Body Wash in the Cool Cucumber scent at my local Target, only to be sorely disappointed as it didn't smell or feel anything like its Japanese counterpart :(

Dove Body Wash Aqua Moisture Cucumber Green Tea

The same promotion set was also available in the Renew Raspberry & Fresh Lime scent, but hubby refused to try it, so we agreed on the original Dove scent as I haven't tried it before either. Let me tell you, I was very, very tempted to grab both, and I just might go back for the Raspberry & Fresh Lime one if there are still any left :)

Dove Body Wash Renew Raspberry & Fresh Lime
***Pictures from Unilever Japan - Dove Brand.

Ha. I was surprised again with this Dove Body Wash. I expected it to be thin and runny and it's not! It was actually thick like shampoo, so not quite as thick as those body washes in the states but still, this is much thicker than your average Japanese-made body wash! It foams a whole lot still, but it was moisturizing, true to what it claims to do. That said, it's really humid so I don't know how this would perform when it's actually drier, if it ever gets drier. Urgh.

The pump bottle contains 550mL of product (and toy).

And it smells really nice, by the way, nothing like the "original" Dove scent in the states but more like the original Caress bar LOL! Hubby really likes the fragrance too.

The refill contains only 400mL.

Toy in action *squeak*squeak* ^.^


Riveting said...

I'm so glad to find this entry! I tried the Japanese Dove body wash this past Summer as it was in a relative's guest shower we were visiting. Fell in LOVE with the stuff! I agree - very different than the American counterpart. I finally found a website that sells the Japanese import and placed an order for some for me! Why do they make it different, do you think?

D. said...

Hi Riveting,

I can't say for sure why the American Dove body washes are made so differently than the Japanese ones, but in my experience, Japan has always been very hot and humid. Let's just say I'm super glad the body washes here aren't thick and gooey and leave behind films like the ones at home. It could be that I'm not the only ones thinking this way.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!

Colliemom said...

This is so true! I love the Dove Green Tea Body Wash, especially because of the pump. We were introduced to that packaging and product in Singapore, but now that we're back in the U.S., I'm having a hard time (meaning I can't find it anywhere), finding the Dove Body Wash with the Pump.

Do you have any suggestions? I saw the comment from Riveting but I don't know where to buy from? I wish I had brought back an empty container - it's so handy in the shower.


Colliemom said...

This is so true! We love the Dove Body Wash - Green Tea and Cucumber Scent but what we really likes was the Pump Container. We were introduced to it in Singapore, but now that we are back in the U.S., I can't find the pump container anywhere.

I saw Riveting's comment but don't know where they bought it? I should have brought back an empty container! Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

D. said...

Hi Colliemom,

You should first check your local Asian grocery store. Depends on where you live, they may care a few varieties or a whole range from different brands. If there isn't a local grocery store near you, you can always buy online, though online prices are almost always higher than the stores'. is a good online store, but they're a bit expensive with shipping (though their shipping is super fast). Or you can just google a basic Japanese brand body wash (like Kracie Naive) just to locate a few more North American online sources for Japanese toiletries, then go to those sites to search for the Japanese Dove body washes. Be sure you google a basic Japanese brand and not "Dove body wash" or you'll get the American Dove stuff ^.^

Happy hunting!

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