Monday, September 20, 2010

Softymo White Cleansing Oil

Been using this Softymo White Cleansing Oil for a month now. There was a million and one choices for cleansing oils at the drug store, and I've got plenty of time so I started out with what I know.

I bought this for my mum but never cared to try it myself. I wasn't into anything whitening because frankly I think it's an odd concept not to mention the ingredients are just useless extra additions. But my mum loves all the whitening stuff, so... Anyway, fast forward to the drugstore, and when faced with so many choices, I was quick to pick this because it's the only 1 left out of the 3 Softymo cleansing oils I haven't tried, the other 2 being the Deep Cleansing Oil and Speedy Cleansing Oil :P

Texture wise, I would say this White Cleansing Oil is the thickest out of the 3 Softymo cleansing oils. Other than that, it's almost identical to its Deep Cleansing sibling, having the same orange-citrus scent (though the fragrance is so light I don't even notice it anymore), no silicon feel, and rinses clean. The whitening factor? Not that I've seen, unfortunately. Perhaps it's been formulated like American made whitening toothpaste and you'll have to use it for years and years to notice the slightest change, if there are any. Ha...useless extra ingredients... Oh well, at least it makes my mum happy.

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