Monday, November 8, 2010

Maquillage Eye Color & Eye Color N

I really really like Maquillage Eye Colors for their silky soft textures and nice color range and over time have collected quite a few of them.

Maquillage Eye Colors: these come in really nice and sturdy clear sliding cases, but unfortunately they have been discontinued and replaced the Eye Colors N below.

- BR771: shimmer, medium intensity, a nice roasted brown that's redder in the pan. On my skin, it's more of a neutral chocolate brown. I like the color, but on my eyes it's a tad too light to be used as a liner, but at the same time it's too dark to be used as a crease color. I occasionally line my eyes with this color anyway to go to work, precisely because it's too light and doesn't make my eyes look too harsh or stand out too much but has enough color to make me look more polished.

- BE263: satiny pearl, low intensity, my oh my I think I found my most favorite eye shadow ever! This color somehow manages to match my skin tone almost exactly - see for yourself the swatch on the back of my hand! Holy cow I love it! And I love the unique pearly-satiny finish that gives my eyes that luminous but subdue look. If I use a little and blend well enough, it would disappear into my lids, leaving my eyes instantly brighten but at the same time doesn't look like I'm wearing anything at all! So when I go to work, I wear this color all over my lids with a touch of the Eye Color N BE143 (below) to highlight the inner corners. Damn, where do I find backups for it now that the older Eye Color line has been replaced with Eye Colors N and none of the drug stores here carry the old line anymore?!? How ironic would it be if I had to resort to Ebay when I'm right here in Japan? Argh!!!

- WT925: shimmer, very sheer, a sparkling and super sheer champagne, meant to be used as a sparkly top wash. I really like this color, especially when I'm lazy I just put this on and go. But others out there may be appalled by the larger glitter bits. Also, the eye shadow itself doesn't feel rough but it's not as smooth as the other colors due to the sparklies.

Left top: WT925
Right top: BE263
Bottom: BR771

Maquillage Eye Colors N: good thing these newer Maquillage eye shadows kept their same silky soft texture, because if not I would probably stop buying them. Why? Because they now come in chinsy black plastic holders with a clear plastic pop on lid that barely closes! I guess this is Shiseido's way of bullying their customers into buying a case for the single eye colors? Nope. Didn't work on me as I'm still stubborn about buying a case because it just takes up too much room being rather big and clunky. I might just stop buying the Eye Color N. We'll see.

- WT945: metallic, medium intensity, a silvery white that work well as a highlighter for the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bones. I have to use very little because it is pigmented and metallic and will make me look like a Korean-teeny-bopper-wannabe if I over do it. But it's really pretty and I already bought a back up :P

- PK144: pearl, medium intensity, a pale cloud pink. There's really only 1 way to use colors like these (as highlighter for the inner corners and on the brow bones) and since I use so little of them, they all end up looking pretty much the same. But I love to collect them anyway :P

- BE143: pearl, medium intensity, a pretty champagne (yes, champagne again) with golden pearly sheen.

Top left: BE143
Top right: PK144
Bottom: WT945

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