Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steady September 2010

Yes, a popular backissue of Steady September 2010, all because of this Paul & Joe Sister freebie.

I got my issue from Amazon Japan because, of course, no where else has it anymore.

The bag is made of polyester and measures 20 (height) x 25 (length) x 10 (width) cm.

The exterior is rather bland and boring, being plain camellia pink with just a kitty and the brand name Paul & Joe Sister printed towards the top of the bag. It has a button for closure but no pockets outside or inside.

So why did I buy it? Because of the lining. Yes, the lining is a super cute polyester that is white with lilac polka dots and the same kitty + Paul & Joe Sister print. Besides, not every magazine freebie bag is lined, let alone lined with such adorable print polyester!

However, I will be honest with my appraisal that the craftsmanship of the bag can use some improvement. It left a lot to be desired, actually. The handles of the bag feel very flimsy and has overlapping stitches that look like they were done in haste.

On the inside of the bag, at the 4 top corners, the plastic piping of the inner seams form 4 very sharp points that scratches my arms and fingers every time I touched them or accidentally wipe my arm across reaching into the bag. As much as I love the cute polyester lining of this bag, I am afraid this bag is not as well made as I had hoped.

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