Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mini May 2010

I guess I have a penchant for magazine backissues with a freebie I really like. This one is Mini magazine, May 2010 issue. It comes with a Beams Boy double zip pouch that can be used pretty much any way you want, as an accessory/gadget pouch or makeup pouch, or both.

Although I've never heard of this Beams Boy brand, I picked this pouch because it's a navy/black plaid print, and according to the review on this awesome magazine/mook review blog, it's padded and is rather well made.

I'm not disappointed at all, the pouch feels nice and well made indeed! It measures 20 (length) x 11 (height) x 5 (width) cm and is made of softer polyester on the outside and rougher polyester lining. All the stitches are neat and even with no loose threads, and all seams are covered with tough and thick polyester piping.

There are 2 compartments to the pouch, both separated by zippers. The pouch is padded on both sides, but the middle divider is not padded.

The first compartment has an open-top clear PVC pocket runs length-wise on the left. On the right it has what looks like deep pockets for either pens or makeup brushes (unless you have a long and slender gadget of some kind...) and a stretch band towards the top to keep things in place.

The second compartment has yet another open-top pocket on the left, though this made out of a larger-weaved mesh. On the right it has 2 pockets that look like they would fit gadgets or card holders, etc.

The magazine also has a 2nd freebie in the form of a sticker sheet with different Cher logo in different colors and prints, although I'm not sure I care enough for these stickers to stick them on anything. For one thing, seeing Cher reminds me of, well, ermm..., Cher, and while I don't dislike her, I don't like her either. Complete utter difference, that's how I feel, so yeah. I left these stickers untouched in the magazine as I flipped through it ^.^

Over all, I scored another great freebie. Can't complain much here :)

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