Friday, April 6, 2012

Lavshuca Eye Jelly

Update Friday, April 6, 2012.

I know the BE-1 looks very sheer in this swatch, but that's only because it blends in with my skin pretty well and isn't as sparkly as the others. And plus you're seeing it next to BR-1 and PK-2, both of which are pigmented and opaque. Even the GD-1 looks more opaque next to it.

Top row: BE-1 and GD-1.
Bottom row: BR-1 and PK-2. Picture taken in natural light without flash.

Original post Sunday, June 19, 2011.

Given my love for Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Colours, don't ask what took me so long with these Lavshuca Eye Jelly. I take my time playing with my toys, so some things slip through my memory crack, only to be "rediscovered" some time down the road until something else come along that reminds me, hey, I have those, and then I would proceed to dig them out! And perhaps it was a good thing I didn't start using these until a couple of months ago, after having had ample time experimenting with cream shadows in general. Because, what do you know, I love them!

All pictures taken indoor with flash unless otherwise noted.

What I don't love, however, is their packaging. Don't get me wrong, the glass jar and the princessy white-pink pearlized cap with logo on top is very pretty. Considering I only use a minuscule amount at a time though, opening the jar needlessly exposes the content's entire surface to air and humidity, which will only dry out the stuff, not to mention making it age faster, as if it's not old enough already. These came out in 2007, though mine are in great condition, because I'm fastidious in keeping and storing my cosmetics. I leave all my cosmetics in their original sealed packaging, and until I'm ready to use them, I don't touch them and I don't open them, not even to take a peek. They go straight into makeup pouches (better protection from air and humidity than plastic organizers) along with other similar sorts, then into a cool and dry cabinet far, far away from the bathroom area and out of direct sunlight. And nobody comes near my makeup, not even dear hubby. And yes, this is how I forget about the cosmetics I have. For months, and sometimes, a couple of years.

All that is to say I would really prefer my cream eye shadows in squeezy tubes, like Estee Lauder Pure Pops Creme Eye Shadow, and not the aluminum ones that get all crushed up, like Lancome Colour Dose. I just squeeze out the tiny amount I need, and the rest of the stuff stays fresh in the tube! Not so hard to understand, right? I wonder why so many cream/gel eye shadows out there end up in jars and not squeeze tubes. Talk about counterintuitive.

BE-1 and GD-1

Now the product itself. Fantastic is the word. The formula is not really a jelly or a gel but is mousse like, though not fluffy. It's light and thin and not thick, heavy, or greasy at all. It does dry very quickly, with an emphasis on very, but with my nicely sized mini Japonesque Foundation Brush, it's manageable when applied with small strokes and a quick hand. The lasting power is excellent and staying power is amazing, as in it just does not budge. Check the swatches below if don't believe me.

I have these Eye Jelly in 9 colors: BE-1, BR-1, BU-1, GD-1, GN-1, PK-1, Pk-2, PU-1, and SV-1. So far, I've only used BE-1 and GD-1 extensively and sampled PK-2 and BR-1. These are supposed to be very sparkly, and having played with 4 I can tell you that GD-1, BR-1, and PK-2 are as sparkly as they say. Even better, GD-1 and BR-1 are metallic in addition to being super sparkly. That's a winning combo if you ask me ^.^ BE-1 is more subdue having much finer shimmers, and as such it makes an excellent base.

BR-1 and PK-2

- BE-1: shimmer, low intensity. Probably some of the best cream base out there, like a shimmery pinky beige foundation for your eyes that's neither sheer or opaque. It matches my skin color really well! Not too sparkly and definitely not glittery, it goes on smooth and you don't need much to have nicely brightened and prepped eyes. On lazy days, I put this on, then dust on the pinky peach finishing color from the Lavshuca Eye Color Select BR-1 palette and wah-lah, pretty and understated eyes!

The below 6 pictures were taken in natural light without flash.

- GD-1: metallic, low intensity. This one is a lot more sparkly and not as smooth, due to all the shimmer particles, though not too chunky glittery either, thank goodness. It's a pale canary yellow gold that's pretty when paired with the Eye Color Select BR-2 palette.

- Left picture: [crappy] swatches of BE-1 and GD-1. Sorry, you can't really see the texture of the eye shadows here, but the BE-1 is much smoother where as GD-1 is a touch more gritty.
- Right picture: The swatches after being vigorously rubbed, with pressure, with a dry tissue and no makeup remover! As you can see, the staying power is pretty damn good, especially that gold color, probably due to the grip of the sparkly particles.

- BR-1: Metallic, medium intensity. Yes, this one is metallic! A close duplicate of Laura Mercier Metallic Creme Eye Color in Gold actually, with just a touch more red and opaque. I must admit Laura Mercier still takes the cake inthe metallic aspect but this BR-1 is very pretty nonetheless.  

- PK-2: Shimmer, medium intensity. A vibrant and juicy cool opaque pink, very sparkly though not as much as GD-1, and unfortunately it's too pigmented for me. To be honest, this color...scares me, which was what peaked my curiosity and got me playing with it to begin with. How would you wear a color like this? I would go as light-handed as possible, but then that would defeat the purpose of such a bold pink, right?

Swatches of BR-1 and PK-2. Picture taken indoor with flash.


Citrine said...

Have you try the pink one as blush looks so pretty swatched.

D. said...

Hi Citrine,

It does, doesn't it? It dries really quickly though, which was why I haven't tried blending it as a blush, but I guess it wouldn't hurt ^.^ Will try this the next time I can get a hold of it!

Thanks for the suggestion :)

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