Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lavshuca Eye Color Select

It's too bad the 2 Lavshuca Noble On Color Eye palettes bombed for me, because I'm throughly enjoying Lavshuca's previous release of the Eye Color Select palettes. I've read these are pretty popular, and I can totally see why. They're gorgeous!

The Eye Color Select comes in wine colored transparent plastic compacts with metallic lids showing gradient wine colored borders at the top and bottom. Two applicators are included but there are no mirrors. Each palette comes with 4 powder eye shadows, a highlighter/base color (upper left), a medium crease color (lower left), a darker liner color (lower right), and a super sparkly finishing color (upper right).




The eye shadows in these palettes aren't the smoothest out there with the sparkly finishing color especially gritty and dry due to all the glitter, but the color pay off is quite good. Thanks to these palettes, I now reached a whole new level of appreciation for super sparkly and sheer finishing shadows, because I think I finally learned to how to use them! Currently eyeing 4 Japanese releases from Rimmel actually ^.^ Anyway, I bought 3 of these Eye Color Select palettes in BR-1, BR-2, and PU-2 and while I do have my favorite out of the bunch, I do love using these and have been using them almost daily for the past 2+ months!

BR-1: My favorite palette out of the 3! It's a warm peachy brown palette with gorgeous gorgeous pinky peach sparkly finishing shade. It was the combination of the sparkly finishing color in this palette applied with the Sephora Crease Brush that really opened up my eyes, quite literally, to what the right eye shadow applied in the right amount can do for my eye makeup and my whole entire look!

- Highlighter/base color (upper left): shimmer, very sheer. An ecru color.
- Medium crease color (lower left): almost metallic, medium intensity. A coppery peachy color that's surprisingly the most pigmented shadow in the quad! And it's slightly darker than it looks in the pan.
- Liner color (lower right): shimmer, low intensity. A warm milk chocolate that's unfortunately not pigmented enough for a liner but I use it as a liner anyway ^.^ It's also slightly darker than it looks in the pan.
- Finishing color (upper right): shimmer, very sheer. A beautiful pinky peach and one of the gorgeous sparkly finishing shadow I've ever seen! As you can see from the swatch, it's almost completely sheer and is a fantastic match with my skin tone. Reminds of my favorite Maquillage's Eye Color in BE263, only pinker, much sheerer, and a whole lot more sparkly! This shadow alone will pull my look together and I've been using it as a finishing touch with other palettes too :)

- BR-2: This is a cooler taupey brown palette even though the shadows definitely look warm in the pan.

- Highlight/base color (upper left): shimmer, low intensity. An off white that's a tad too pigmented for a highlighting/base color. If I'm not careful it will turn frosty on me, so I either use a light hand with this when highlight or use the highlighter color in BR-2.
- Medium crease color (lower left): almost metallic, medium intensity. A pretty taupe that's much darker than it appears in the pan and is pigmented. See for yourself!
- Liner color (lower right): shimmer, medium intensity. A taupey brown that's much cooler on me than in the pan. For some reason, my camera's flash made it this color look really warm in the pan.
- Finishing color (upper right): shimmer, very sheer. A sparkly gold and in theory it should be very pretty, but for some reason this shadow is dryer than the peachy pink color from BR-1, which results in lots of glitter fall out. So yeah, a bit disappointing as I have to dusting this one on a few times to get enough of it to stay, where as with the BR-1 color I just need to swipe it once.

PU-2: I fell in love with this palette looking at its pictures, but unfortunately it turns out to be my least favorite out of the 3! This is because the finishing color is surprisingly really pigmented and I can't use it as a finishing color, at the same time the liner color is not pigmented or dark enough. I use it to line anyway, and this may be due to the fact that I prefer a smudgy over a harsh defined line, but this liner color usually blend right in with the medium crease shade, leaving me with, well, no lined eyes.

- Highlighter/base color (upper left): shimmer, very sheer. A pale beige that's applies darker than it appears in the pan. I wish it stays as light as it looks in the pan, because it's a shade darker than my skin tone and so I don't really wear it as a highlighter or a base.
- Medium/crease color (lower left): shimmer, medium intensity. A muted purple that's pigmented and waaaaay darker than it looks in the pan. I apply this one with a light hand and even then, it blends right in with the liner color.
- Liner color (lower right): shimmer, medium intensity. A pretty purple that also looks brighter and more vibrant in the pan but applies darker, though interestingly not dark enough to keep it distinguished from the medium/crease color.
- Finishing color (upper right): shimmer, medium intensity. A beautiful and sparkly taupe that I wish isn't so pigmented! It's so pretty and I really really want to use it as a finishing color, but it's really not a finishing color at all! Finishing colors are supposed to be super sheer and sparkly damn it!!! What's worse is that it's also a tad dryer just like the finishing color in BR-2, so I can't just dust it on once with a light hand and get some sparklies to stay. Yet if I layer it, I'll get loads of unwanted color too! Not. Happy.


kuri said...

now I want to check out these palettes! I'd always thought that they would be a bit too sparkly for me, but it sounds like they'd be worth a try.

How do you find the lasting power?

D. said...

Hi kuri,

I find these last better with a base, which will help bring out the colors more too!

Have fun and enjoy ^.^


kuri said...

ah, ok, thanks!

D. said...

you're very welcome!

Julia said...

I have this in BR-2, PU-2 and BL-1 (I think, the blue palette anyway) and I love PU-2 the most. I don't apply it the way you're supposed to apply it, though, so many you also try to use the lovely "finishing" colour in your crease, maybe?

Btw, it appears that this is discontinued now. ;___;

D. said...

Hi Julia,

I do use it on my crease...on lazy days when I just want a shimmery wash ^.^ and I still wish it is much sheerer than it is LOL!

It seems they always discontinue the best stuff doesn't it? I hate when that happens!!!


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