Friday, June 24, 2011

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Brow Kit

I gave this Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Brow Kit a try after watching my sister fills in her eyebrow with Lancome eye shadows. Totally unrelated I know ^.^ I have never really paid attention to my eyebrows before, but seeing how filling in her eyebrows can really frame up my sister's face, I decided I shouldn't keep ignoring mine. I am already taking the time to apply eye shadows and such, might as well fill in those brows too.

I spotted this Brow Kit on sale at Sephora, and from the picture it looks simple enough with 3 baked brow colors and 3 baked highlighters. I thought that if I hated the brow colors, at least I could play with the pretty highlighters. Turns out I lurrrrrv this kit and am contemplating buying a backup as well as an extra for my sister too since she's hitting pan with the Lancome eye shadow that she's using for her brows. The kit comes in a pretty magnet closure box with mirror, and there's also a small sample of the clear brow gel that I've never even bothered with.

The box is cardboard but feels sturdy. The mirror is wide, which is nice since I can see both of my eyes. In my opinion, this kit is really an eye kit and not just a brow kit. The highlighters are really baked eye shadows and they are decently pigmented, especially the 2 gold and pinky peach colors. The brow colors come in 3 shades and should work for most skin tones. The darkest shade is pigmented and can also double as an eye liner. If I had to travel but have no room to pack my array of makeup, I would probably bring just this kit.

Brow colors: As expected, the darkest shade is pigmented, but I'm glad the 2 lighter shades aren't as pigmented with some translucency in them, which is exactly what I wanted because, just as I like sheer eye shadows, I prefer subtle brows too. All 3 are completely matte and feel smooth to the touch, though not as buttery as some Japanese eye shadows can get, which I actually think is good in this case since it prevents me from applying too much.
- Light: matte, low intensity. I use this color during the day as it gives the most natural looking brows. I think it matches my skin tone well.
- Medium: matte, low intensity. I use this color at night since the light color won't show up at all when it's dark.
- Dark: matte, medium intensity. I only use this color as a liner now ^.^ On my very first try with this brow kit I used this color on my brows thinking the darkest color would best match my dark hair. Boy was I wrong. It made me look like I was an Amazonian about to go into battle, and if you're going for that look, fine, but for me, eeps jeepers! May be it would better match my sister's brows because her hair's much darker than mine.

Clockwise from top left: light, medium, and dark. See how much more pigmented the dark shade is?

Eye Colors: These feel dryer and not as smooth, totally consistent with baked eye shadows. All 3 are very warm, shimmery with the gold and peach colors almost metallic. At first I was wary of these eye colors because, well, they all look way too shimmery to be of any use as a highlighter. The gold and the peach are definitely out because they're too pigmented, the white sand might work but I was afraid it will turn frosty on me.
- White sand: shimmer, very sheer. A very, very pale sand. Thankfully, this color wasn't as bad as I had imagined and when applied with a light hand it passes as a decent highlighter on both the brow bones as well as in the inner corners of the eyes.
- Gold: almost metallic, medium intensity. A red-toned gold with hints of peach in it.
- Peach: almost metallic, medium intensity. A pinky peach. My favorite color in the bunch, actually. Makes a beautiful crease shade on me.

Clockwise from top left: white sand, gold, and peach.

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