Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arisan Taiwanese Restaurant Part II

Went back to Arisan this weekend for my bday bash ^.^ I really wanted to give Arisan another try, and plus when more people are going, chances are they'll order things hubby and I normally wouldn't order and we'd benefit from the variety and, perhaps, discover something we love in the process.

Ha, I was right! All 6 of us ended up ordering a bunch of different stuff that hubby and I haven't tried, and holy crap they all were absolutely fantastic!

Water spinach sauteed with garlic was such a hit we ordered it twice because the first round disappeared in one bite. Hubby and I loved it last time, and to our relief it tasted even better this time.

"Taiwanese" scallion pancakes, it was alright, though our Scottish mate did say it tasted just like their scallion pancakes at home. Hmm...

Another sauteed green dish and chicken and cashew. Not so bad.

Omigod the black pork was HEAVEN!!! Soooooooo good it melted in my mouth. I'd go back for that dish alone! Fatty as hell, but delicious!

This is a cold appetizer dish, with chicken, pork, and jelly fish. Very good.

Taiwanese duck, erh...or what's left of it LOL! It disappeared so fast that was all I managed to catch xD

Half eaten plate of stir fried shiitake, bokchoy, and bamboo shoots. It was decent.

There was a bunch of other delicious things that were inhaled in a flash and I couldn't take a picture of, like the vermicelli stir fried with XO sauce, salt and pepper shrimp (delish!), shrimp and broccoli, kimchi fried rice, etc. Overall, the night was a blast and the delicious food made it that much better! Will definitely go back again, at least for that black pork. Yumm.....

Wore this for the night.

See my previous Arisan Taiwanese Restaurant post.


Citrine said...

OMG, the plate of black pot brings back a lot of my childhood memory: One of my older cousins absolutely rocks at making that dish and on a dragon boat day some years ago ( I was 8 back then), when everybody at the dinner table took one piece of that pork (each piece is pretty huge btw), I ended up eating 8 of them...Anyway, I felt pretty sick for the rest of the night and left out all other great food...I think I should look up a recipe for that since I haven't had it for more than 10 years.

D. said...

Hey Citrine!

And if you find that recipe, you have to tell me ok? Because I'm dying to learn to make it too!!! I tried to look for it on the web but I don't know what it's called in Chinese so I just couldn't find it.


Citrine said...

It's called 东坡肉,but I like the version with dried vegetable at the base, which is called 梅菜扣肉.I think there are many different recipes for this but they all are somewhat similar to 红烧肉。

Anyway, here is a "tutorial" in Chinese with some really old-schooled background music.

D. said...

Aaaawesome!!! Thanks Citrine! I just tried making the Japanese version. Will post the results soon. The piece of pork I bought was *not* fatty enough, but it wasn't too bad for my first try ^.^

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