Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Peanuts 60th Anniversary Book

Snoopy!! This Peanuts 60th Anniversary Book is from 2010 and I had really tried to refrain from buying but in the end, Snoopy got to me ^.^

The freebie tote is a collaboration between Gelato Pique x Peanuts. Looking at pictures online I had thought it was kind of plain and boring, but it actually looks much better in real life.

The tote is made out of cotton canvas, and measures 30(height) x 42(length) x 13(width) cm. It feels substantial, not really thick but definitely not flimsy and thin. And it's very well made, clean and even stitchings and excellent craftsmanship. I'm a happy camper.

I especially like the red and blue argyle border at the top as well as the Snoopy picture at the bottom right of the tote's front side. A simple and cute design.

The back side of the tote.

Oh yeah, there was also this charm tag thing...LOL, I'm not sure what it is and what purpose it serves actually. If it was any bigger I'd probably use it as a coaster xD

The tote is not lined, but all the inner seams are covered with red polyester fabric. There is a small interior pocket.

Just thought this Longchamp x Peanuts handbag is cute.

Model with the freebie tote.

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