Friday, June 10, 2011

Suzy's Zoo 2011 Mook

I bought this Suzy's Zoo 2011 Mook solely because of the freebie embroidered bear card case ^.^ Who can resist such an adorable thing? ^.^

And it doesn't hurt that the freebie tote is made of cotton canvas. I love canvas totes, because they're washable, of course!

The freebie tote measures 25(height) x 35(length) x 10(width) cm. The front of the tote has the cutest picture, complete with mini blue flowers in the background. Totally brings out the kid in me :P

The freebie tote and the embroidered bear card case.

The canvas cloth is on the thin side, but it is quite well made and I love it nonetheless.

The card case is a tad large, the size of my hand, if not bigger.

Also, it wish the loop was not just a fragile ribbon, but I'm not complaining ^.^

Normally freebie bags don't have anything printed on their backs, but this tote has Suzy's Zoo on it.

There are no pockets outside or inside, but all inner seams are covered in white polyester fabric.

And the mook has some of the cutest pictures so I just had to share.

Character profiles of Witzy the Duck, Boof the Bear, Ellie Funt the Elephant, Lulla the Rabit, and Patches the Giraffe. If you're wondering where's Suzy (I did!), she won't be making an appearance among the zoo friends. Suzy is actually Suzy Spafford, the American cartoonist who gave life to these adorable animals - ha! But phew, for a while I thought Japan has a monopoly on cuteness...

And of course there are Suzy's Zoo merchandise, anything from stationary, lunch boxes, mugs, cups, and plates, to pouches, wallets, totes, apparel, to even earrings!

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