Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ray May 2011

Sigh...there's only 1 week left of June and I'm just starting to post my May magazines...Grrr... Sorry folks, my work's peak season is usually around May, June, July and (hopefully not) August, so I've been putting in lots of hours there and, well, lag behind here. Moving on.

Unfortunately, Ray May 2011 issue has a dud of a freebie that is the Blondy multi-case. The rest of the magazine content is decent though, so I feel a tiny bit better. Magazine freebie duds always make me feel kind of ripped off, though I shouldn't complain too much because I've had my fair share of freebie jackpots too.

The Blondy multi-case looks pretty in pictures, which was why I caved and bought it. The multi-case is made of PVC coated polyester with beautiful feminine lavender roses print and lavender piped borders. It measures 20(height) x 13(length) cm.

I really should have learned my lesson from the Jill Stuart multi-case in Como March 2011 issue and stay far, far away from multi-cases with similar counterintuitive designs, like the pockets that are tilted on their sides and all my credit cards and whatnot will probably fall right out, just like they do with the Jill Stuart multi-case.

Also, I should have realized this Blondy multi-case and the Jill Stuart multi-case from Como March 11 are actually identical, save for the color scheme, right down to the fact that they have no stiff padding to prevent from being squished up like this.

Actually, this Blondy multi-case is even worse than the Jill Stuart multi-case in that it seems the supplier who made it didn't even try to do a half decent job. The sewing are all messed up, the pockets are crooked and uneven. Just down right shitty.

This is the half-assed' cherry on top. Meh, just ball up that thread. Who cares.

I did a double take with this ad, at first because the guy resembles Taiwan's Joe Cheng. Then when I got it through the thick work-exhaust fog in my head that Joe Cheng wouldn't bother with a mayonnaise ad in Japanese magazines, I that a pizza? A big giant toast with the week's worth of leftover scraps on it, topped with half caloric mayonnaise? An ironic burrito? Mayo-Foo-Young? Yummy! And no, I didn't mean that. Then again, if George Clooney did Soy Joy, why wouldn't Joe Cheng do Kewpie with cute..ness? Yes, that's my brain process when I'm tired.

The rest of the magazine was fun to look at. Below are some key pieces styled in different ways.

Pieces from featured brands.

Denim stylings.

Hit one-pieces and shirt-dresses.

The next few pages feature models' picks for spring.

Street snaps.

Gingham shoes! Want!!! Especially the pairs at the very top and the very bottom!

Endless shoes.

Denim shoes and sandals on the right page, which reminds me I just bought a paid of hooded denim wedge sandals from Express ^.^

Size 6. Of course the image's been digitally enhanced, but either way the contrast between the denim and the dark brown leather should be interesting. Why do you think people pair jeans with dark brown leather shoes/sandals all the time? The trick is to wear denim shoes with a non-denim outfit, because denim is hard to match, and too much denim all at once can be conflicting.
***Picture from

And I took pictures of the next few pages because they've got polka dots on them LOL!

And gingham ^.^

And look who's here! Kim Bum! If you want to see more Kim Bum eye-candy, I suggest watching The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry.

The Korean pop culture is getting really popular in Japan now, with K-pop, K-drama, and K-idols everywhere! Here's Girls' Generation.

And Kara.


saltvinegar said...

I hate duds too.. i'm starting to get really wary of japanese magazines..

D. said...

Hi saltvinegar,

I know exactly what you mean! I'm more careful with my magazine purchases now and read up reviews of the freebies before buying. Whereas I was just bought whatever I thought looked nice (but then turned out not so nice) on the stand before.

I go to this website daily -
It's in Japanese, but the gal there seems to have access to the magazines before they are even released to the newsstands. She has detailed pictures of the freebies inside and out, and it has actually helped me skip a lot of potential crap recently. You should check it out!


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