Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lavshuca Noble On Color Eyes

I didn't really enjoy these Lavshuca Noble On Color Eyes (whatever that means), and partly it was my fault for choosing 2 palettes that are so similar.

Anyway, these palettes comes in 5 variations: PK-1, OR-1, BR-1, GN-1, BG-1. I bought OR-1 and BR-1 because from all the pictures I've seen, they didn't look so similar. The medium shade in OR-1 looked a bright peachy orange and the medium shade in BR-1 looked a golden sand color. I bought them, and although they looked kind of similar in the pan, I still gave them the benefit of the doubt. That is, until I tried them, and doh, they turned out to be similar after all. So similar, in fact, that there isn't much difference between the two after application.



These palettes come in simple clear plastic cases with a deep maroonish purple flip top with an applicator but no mirror. There are 3 colors in each palette, a base/highlighter color (the "L" shape), a medium color (the circle), and a darker color that can be used to shade as well as line. Texture wise the powder shadow is rather dry and chalky. If I use my fingertip they will apply better than with a brush, probably because they are too dry. The funny thing is that they crease on my lids, and usually powder eye shadows don't crease on my lids, so that's a the odd part.

OR-1: a warm brown palette that's rather sheer. Will probably work well if you're going for the minimalist nude look, but if you're looking for color, there isn't much here. I'd reach for this palette more often on my lazy days (and there are lots of them!) when I just want to brighten my eye areas, that is, if it wouldn't crease. Too bad it does.

- Base/highlighter color (the "L" shape): shimmer, very sheer, a very pale peach.
- Medium color (the circle): shimmer, low intensity, peach.
- Shade/liner color: shimmer, medium intensity, looks a warm earth color but applies a cooler dark chocolate on me.

BR-1: a neutral brown palette that's unfortunately too close to the OR-1 above.

- Base/highlighter color (the "L" shape): shimmer, very sheer, an ecru. Just a tad lighter and less peachy, but otherwise almost indistinguishable from the pale peach base/highlighter color from OR-1.
- Medium color (the circle): shimmer, low intensity, looks a golden sand but will apply darker with a touch of copper. Turns peachy on my eye lids and, doh, looks too similar to the medium color in OR-1.
- Shade/liner color: shimmer, medium intensity, definitely looks a cooler coffee brown but as you can see from the swatch, it's almost indistinguishable from the shade/liner color in OR-1. Boo. Hiss.

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