Saturday, April 28, 2012

Canmake Candy Wrap Lip

Finally, a makeup post ^.^ Since I don't go to class everyday anymore, I only wear makeup on the weekends when (and if) we go out. Even then, most of the time I'd be tired and not in the mood to doll up. Yep, that's just how boring my life has gotten these days with my work building up to its peak season and all -.-'

But the last time we went out I did treat myself to these Canmake Candy Wrap Lips xD No I don't need any more lip glosses. Actually, I don't need any more makeup, period, as there are so many things I  still haven't even gotten around to photograph or swatch, let alone use. But hey, everyone has a vice and makeup is mine, plus I'm easily distracted :P Anyway, I had a hard time choosing among the 6 available colors, so I bought them all. These are very affordable at just 609yen including tax and they come in decently sized tubes, so it didn't hurt as much as it can hurt.

From left to right: 01 Sugar Love02 Navel Drop03 Peach Shower04 Lady Strawberry05 Pinkholic Syrup, and 06 Guava Smoothie. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

These were high on my list to try because when I played with the testers last, none of the colors have any visible shimmers upon application. It doesn't mean there actually aren't any shimmers, there are when viewed in direct source of light. Just that the shimmers are so fine they don't show up at all, not on the swatches and not on my lips. Plus the colors are interesting. With the exceptions being 04 Lady Strawberry and 05 Pinkholic Syrup, the other 4 are milky and depends on the lighting, their finish can be either translucent or semi-opaque.

01 Sugar Love and 02 Navel Drop

03 Peach Shower and 04 Lady Strawberry

05 Pinkholic Syrup and 06 Guava Smoothie

I like these glosses a lot! They're unscented, thicker than most Japanese made glosses but not sticky at all, and they feel very smooth and moisturizing on my lips. As for lasting power, I find the gloss outlasts its color, with the color fading after 2-3 hours while the gloss stays on for few more despite drinking, chatting, and light snacking. If you're in the market for a new gloss and are open to bright candy colors, give these a try!

- 01 Sugar Love: a cool milky bubblegum pink. Has very fine shimmers that aren't visible at all after application. This color seems to blend in with my natural lip color and is more translucent in natural light, but as soon as the indoor lighting is flipped on, it becomes semi-opaque and the color appears true to how it is in the tube, a cool milky bubblegum pink.

- 02 Navel Drop: the name implies more orange than it actually is. It's more of a milky orangey peach. Also has very fine shimmers that aren't visible. It's a lot peachier on my lips and matches my natural lip color rather well in natural lighting, giving me a smooth and lovely my-lips-but-better, somewhat translucent finish. But flip on the indoor light again and the semi-opaque orangey peach comes out.

- 03 Peach Shower: a warm milky coral pink. This one has larger silver shimmer particles but they still aren't really visible after application. The more interesting part is that when I wear this in natural light, it's nearly indistinguishable from 01 Sugar Love. I literally applied it on one side of my lips and 01 Sugar Love on the other for comparison, and nope, no discernible difference. But turn the indoor light on and wahlah, I get a popping semi-opaque warm coral pink!

- 04 Lady Strawberry: a blue based strawberry red. Unlike the other 3 colors so far, this one is not milky. Rather, it is translucent and has no shimmers at all. Also, it does not become more opaque with indoor lighting, staying a somewhat sheer strawberry tint.

05 Pinkholic Syrup: a fuchsia pink. Like the 04 Lady Strawberry above, it is not milky and is instead translucent with no shimmers. It turns more fuchsia on my lips, but it still doesn't have as much bite as Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss in 953 Hi-tech Plum. This color or its translucency does not change with natural or indoor lighting.

- 06 Guava Smoothie: a bright and warm milky hot pink with no shimmers. This is the only color that doesn't melt and blend in with my natural lip color in natural lighting and stays semi-opaque when I wear it during the day. With indoor lighting, it pops even more, turning more opaque but not in a bad, garish neon way. If I can only choose 1 of these glosses, I would probably pick this color because this one fits the "candy color" bill best.

From left to right: 01 Sugar Love, 02 Navel Drop, 03 Peach Shower, 04 Lady Strawberry, 05 Pinkholic Syrup, and 06 Guava Smoothie.


kuri said...

Gee, they all look really lovely! not that I need more makeup either :P but guava smoothie and peach drop are tempting :D

D. said...

Hi Kuri,

Yeah, I held out on these for a long time too, but I got bored with my other glosses and needed an excuse ^.^ I definitely recommend Guava Smoothie! Navel Drop is really nice too!


Pearl said...

I'm not really a gloss-wearer, but peach shower is very pretty ^^

D. said...

Hi Pearl,

I love glosses and I like all the colors ^.^ especially since some look different in natural light than indoor lighting. Kind of neat!


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