Friday, September 16, 2011

KATE Powder Gel Liner

I have had this Kate Powder Gel Liner for a while now too but haven't had the chance to use it at all. I prefer my makeup sheer, and when I do line my eyes, I line it with powder for a sheerer and smudgy effect. With gel/cream liners like these, I save for "special occasions" where my makeup needs to be more on the "dramatic" side. Then again, these "special occasions" rarely, if ever, come around (yeah, sad, *sniff*), so items like these in my cabinet never gets to see the light of day.

All pictures taken indoor with flash.

The color I have is BK-2, the first generation of BK-2 which is a black with very prominent silver shimmers, even though my camera didn't quite capture the color right. The current generation of BK-2 is actually brown (arh?!?), and there is another black with multi-colored shimmers that is BK-3. 

Anyway, this Powder Gel Liner is very pigmented, and you don't need much for a dark and dramatic line. Unfortunately this is also precisely the reason I haven't used it. I have read once set it does not budge, but again I've only played with this indoor and have yet to wear it out and have no idea whether it will survive the Japanese heat and humidity. Still no "special occasions" to come yet :(

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