Friday, September 9, 2011

Non-no July 2011

This Non-no July 2011 is the last of my July issues - phew! I was starting to think I'd never catch up, because October magazines are already on the stands... T.T


This issue comes with a Marc Jacob Daisy zipper pouch promoting the new perfume Eau So Fresh. I'm not interested in the perfume, but the pouch sure is pretty!

In fact, this pouch makes a nice set together with my previous Marc Jacobs Daisy pouches from InRed October 2010. This pouch would make for the largest one of the 3, measuring 24(length) x 16.5(height) cm, where as the larger black pouch from InRed measures 20(length) x 11(height) cm.

Too bad the quality is slightly different. Where as the InRed pouches has a faux leathery feel and are very substantial, this one is made of shiny vynil.  

Also, the InRed pouches are lined with a thick polyester fabric while this one has thin cotton lining. I still like it though. The white and yellow daisies on powder pink background is simple but very feminine.

I was surprised to see the magazine opens with some fan service, but apparently it's the magazine's 40th year anniversary. I guess that makes some sense ^.^

Arashi, with the most prominent members being Jun Matsumoto and Kazunari Ninomiya, the other 3 are Aiba Masaki, Sho Sakurai, and Satoshi Ono

I didn't really pay attention to this article, but now that I'm writing this post, I noticed they are all wearing layers with a light jacket.

Which means these pictures were probably not shot in Japan, because just thinking of what these guys are wearing right now makes me sweat.

The next few pages are the reinvention of the models' personal style.

The headline says Kyoko wo (reads "oh") Produce! Whatever that means...

Posturing and makeup

Styling up by tying up the shirt hems

Fashionable magic of red!

2 pages of fashion it-girl Alexa Chung worship.

The freebie pouch and the perfume.

200 T-shirts special

Bohemian mix. Not sure I see the Bohemian part, but whatever...

Japanese magazines seem to each have a set of what they call "exclusive models" that you see again and again in every single issue. The good point is that you get to see these models "grow up," so to speak, and transform. The bad point is that, well, you get pretty tired of seeing the same faces making the same pouts and doing the same poses, just in different clothes, in every single damn issue. For this 40th year anniversary, Non-no included a mini booklet of its current set of exclusives along with a profile and Q&As.

I guess it's nice if you are a fan of any of these girls, but for me, I'd rather see different faces. There are so many beautiful women out there, and they all deserve a chance to be dolled up on these glossy pages, no?

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