Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kate Metallic Eyes Limited Edition

So I went back and got the Kate Metallic Eyes Limited Editions despite being on the fence about them. The color scheme for BR-1 Gold Brown Variation and BR-2 Pink Brown Variation look too similar to the Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes Limited Edition Sets. Then again, I figured I love the Lavshuca palettes and since those colors work so well for me, I shouldn't mind having more ^.^

BR-1 Gold Brown Variation and BR-2 Pink Brown Variation. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

Their packagings are very straightforward, thin, sleek, and simple with gold and pink metallic lids. The eye shadows are very smooth and finely milled. They blend well, although I haven't actually worn them out so I don't actually know how long they last in the increasingly humid weather. Color wise they're actually quite different from the Lavshuca palettes, despite sounding and looking similar. The biggest difference is the pigmentation level. I don't own many Kate palettes, but these are the sheerest among the ones I have.

That said, I'm really only disappointed with their liner shades, particularly the one in BR-2 Pink Brown Variation. But in general, only they're sheerer than expected, there's only a tiny sliver of them to work with. See that "shaded shadow" at the bottom right? It's actually not a shaded shadow and is really how much of the liner shade you're getting! Let's just say I had a very hard time swatching them because it was tricky to get to the shadows with my fingertip. But ignoring the sheer liner shade in each palette (and I'm not exactly lacking liner shades anyway), I'm glad I gave the other 3 colors a chance, even if they're not as pigmented as they should be. That sparkling top wash alone is worth my investment, honestly. It has that lovely wet diamond effect, very much like the top washes in Maybelline Eye Studio Color Explosion Luminizing Eye Shadows (urgh, still hate that mouthful of a name though...).

BR-1 Gold Brown Variation

BR-2 Pink Brown Variation

- BR-1 Gold Brown Variation: a neutral/warm gold palette. The liner shade in this palette is okay, but the other 3 colors are not as pigmented as I thought they would be. I like my shadows on the sheer side though, so I don't mind this so much, but hey, you might...

- Top: base/highlighter shade, metallic, very sheer. A gorgeously sheer marzipan with a wet metallic finish. The swatch was layered.
- Middle: sparkling top wash, metallic, very sheer. A beautiful beige with pink undertone and a sparkling wet metallic finish. Love it!
- Bottom: crease/lid shade, semi metallic, medium intensity. A golden beige with some bronze.
- Bottom right: liner shade, satin, medium intensity. A deep and cool brown with satin finish and "floating" gold shimmers.

- BR-2 Pink Brown Variation: a cooler mauve pink palette that is kind of the inverted version of BR-1, with the liner shade being super sheer while the other 3 colors are slightly more pigmented.

- Top: base/highlighter shade, metallic, low intensity. A cool metallic shell pink. No wet finish with this one though unfortunately.
- Middle: sparkling top wash, metallic, very sheer. A very pretty dusty pink with sparkling wet metallic finish. Love this one too!
- Bottom: crease shade, semi metallic, medium intensity. A plummy mauve that is more pigmented than the crease shade in BR-1.
- Bottom right: liner shade, satin, low intensity. Another disappointingly sheer liner shade, very much reminds me of the sheer liner shade from Maybelline Hyper Diamond Shadow Japanese release in GD-1. It is a satiny cool brown with floating pink shimmers. However, due to the sheerness the shimmers are not noticeable at all, unlike the gold shimmers in the BR-1 liner shade.

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