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Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes Limited Edition Set

So this has happened a few times now, that the limited edition for an eye palette has gotten me to go back and check out the permanent lineup that I didn't much attention to in the beginning. For example, the limited edition Visee x Smacky Glam palettes got me to grab another Glam Glow Eye palette in the permanent lineup, and the limited edition Visee x Royal Party palettes got me to buy a few other Glam Nude Eyes, even though they didn't all work out too well. 

And now, these Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes Limited Edition Set has got me to go back and picked up 2 more Star Decoration Eyes palettes in the permanent lineup (and I'm currently considering the other 3 too!) xD Holy crap, these are probably some of the nicest drugstore eye palettes I've ever used! They are freakin' fantastic and I love them!!!

01 Pink Series. All pictures taken in natural light without flash.

02 Brown Series.

So where do I start with these? The very first thing I was impressed with is the texture - super silky and buttery smooth. Finally, I have found a serious contender for Maquillage Eye Colors. Wow! Secondly, these are pigmented. Okay, may be not as pigmented as Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorized Shadows, but they're not your average fru-fru super sheer Japanese eye shadows either, and this is coming from a girl who doesn't mind sheer eye shadows at all. If anything, I think these Lavshuca palettes strike a good balance. Where as the Kiss palettes may be too pigmented, especially when the color scheme doesn't quite work (eeps!), these Lavshuca palettes are just pigmented enough to hit the spot. No more and no less.  

01 Pink Series and 02 Brown Series.

And then there's the sparkliness factor. Since the Eye Color Select palettes, I've noticed that Lavshuca has been shying away from the sparky top wash with their more recent releases. I'm so, so, so glad they'd put the sparkly top wash back in these Star Decoration Eyes palette, because in my opinion, it really pulls the whole color combo together. Honestly, these palettes wouldn't be nearly as pretty or exciting without that sparkly top wash that's in the rounded button like pan in the middle. 

The Jelly Star Eye Base SV in the 01 Pink Series.

The Jelly Star Eye Base GD in the 02 Brown Series.

And last but definitely not least, the Jelly Star Eye Bases that come with these limited edition sets are a godsend! They did not crease on me!!! I seriously don't know what came over me that one morning when I decided, oh hell, I'll try these on my oily lids. I actually read the instructions this time, and these truly are cream bases and are supposed to be applied on the lids before the colors. But then they also feel greasy, just like all the other cream bases/shadows/lower lash liners that turned all oil-slick on my lids after an hour or so. Yet I went ahead and used them on my lids anyway, and hell, what do you know, they didn't crease! What?!? I mean, wow!!! And I'm not impressed just because they didn't crease on me either. They actually do exactly what bases are intended for, amplifying the eye shadows and make their colors appear even more vividly than they would on bare skin. 

01 Pink Series with SV Base Charm.

02 Brown Series with GD Base Charm.

Now consider that these limited edition sets with their Jelly Star Eye Base Charms retail for the same price as a single palette, 1,680yen tax included, how fast can you say love? If you can get a hold of at least one of these set, I definitely definitely recommend them! I've actually found them on E(vil)bay for a fantastic price of USD16 including international shipping, which is actually cheaper than the Japanese retail! How is that possible? I paid the Japanese retail, but I think these are well worth the money and effort (I had to search several stores for the 01 Pink Series)!

- 01 Pink Series: a neutral plum and pink palette that actually stayed neutral didn't turn red on me. I like the 02 Brown Series better, but Pink is the more popular one with the ladies as it was quite elusive, being sold out at many of the stores I visited. It looks good on me, but nowhere as flattering as the Brown. Don't get me wrong, I still like it alot, I just like the Brown better. 

- Left: medium crease shade, semi-metallic, medium intensity. A pretty dusty rose.
- Right: base and highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. A very pale cloud pink.
- Middle: sparkling top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. A super sparkly translucent blush pink.
- Bottom: Liner shade, satin, high intensity. A deep plum that goes on me almost matte and with some brown.

- Jelly Star Eye Base SV: it looks more like a silvery pearly pink in the pan but goes on completely translucent with silver sparkles and a pink iridescent sheen.

Far left: Jelly Star Eye Base SV, the rest swatched in the same order as they appear in the pan.

02 Brown Series: a neutral gold and brown palette that's super flattering on me for some reason! No really, I just cannot figure out why among all my other neutral brown palettes (and I have lots of them!), this one works wonders with my skin tone. It just does, and I look very put-together (and feel glamorous) with it on! Serious!

- Left: medium crease shade, semi-metallic, medium intensity. A golden khaki brown with taupey undertone, which is odd because you normally associate taupe with a cooler silver. But hey, it works so I'm not complaining!
- Right: base and highlighter, shimmer, low intensity. Ivory.
- Middle: sparkling top wash, high shimmer, very sheer. A super sparkly and yellower version of the GD Jelly Star Eye Base below.
- Bottom: liner shade, satin, high intensity. A deep neutral earthy brown that goes on almost matte.

- Jelly Star Eye Base GD: a completely translucent and sparkling champagne gold.

Far left: Jelly Star Eye Base GD, the rest swatched in the same order as they appear in the pan.


Julia said...

I have this in the normal BR-2 and love it. <3 Also like the Star Glow Rouge that was released in the same collection, m favourite is RS-2.

D. said...

Hi Julia,

I just bought BR-2!! Can't wait to get my hands all over it ^.^ I've read nice things about Lavshuca lip products, hmm...may be I'll check those out!


Julia said...

Those and the little wand-like lipsticks (Moist Melting Rouge or something), although with them I could only find one colour (RD-4) i actually like. I am quite difficult to match with lip shades, though! The texture certainly is divine.

D. said...

Oohh, I think I have read about those thin little wand-like lippies! Okie doke, more things for me to look forward to playing with ^.^ Thanks xD


Calista said...

Hello, I'm trying to get my hands on one of those Japanese drugstores palettes! Would you recommend this or another? Looking for a great neutral quad for work!

D. said...

Hi Calista,

I LOVE the Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes and own all the palettes in this line!

That said, the palette comes with 4 shades and one of them is a sparkly top wash, which I very much appreciate but probably wouldn't recommend for work. You could skip this shade for day time and dust it on for the after hours though ^.^

In the mean time, check out 2 other work appropriate Japanese drugstore palettes below, both of which I totally recommend so it really depends on your preference and what you are looking for!

Lavshuca Melting Eyes: (
- Pros: pigmented, smooth, and no sparklies
- Cons: all available palettes are warm with the exception of BR-1 which is more neutral.

Kiss Kiss My Eyes Glamorize Shadow:
- Pros: extremely pigmented, silky, of course no sparklies
- Cons: significantly marked up outside of Japan :(

Hope this helps,

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